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30 Gift Ideas for People Who Love the Cello

The holidays are upon us! Whatever holidays you celebrate, here are gift ideas to help you shop for the people in your life who love the cello.

For Everyone Who Loves the Cello

There were so many wonderful choices, particularly among the books and albums. We had a difficult time choosing. These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Please remember to check shipping times to your location and availability before ordering.

Also, please note that some links provided are affiliate links. Please see our footer below for further details. (Affiliate links cost you nothing extra, but they help support The Cello Museum.)

1. Items from our Museum Shop

We’ve got great presents for teachers, students, and anyone who loves the cello. (Violinists and violists might like our cello mugs, too!) Here are just a few items from our shop.

Our mugs are great for tea or coffee before or during practice sessions, and they make great gifts.

Cello Mug

11 oz Cello Mug. 15 oz mug available, too.

Cello Heart Necklace

Heart “Cello” pendant – available in 3 colors: rose, silver, and gold. We also have a “Violoncello” necklace.

Cello Museum Hoodie

Cello Museum Hoodie

Purchases from our online shop help support The Cello Museum.

2. Mozart Chocolates

We think these are delicious and make great gifts for teachers as well as for any musical friends who have a sweet tooth.

(Be sure to check the list of ingredients if your recipient has allergies.)

3.Yo-Yo Ma and Kathryn Stott: Songs of Comfort and Hope

Yo-Yo Ma has been sending us #songsofcomfort via the internet throughout the pandemic. Give someone you love these Songs of Comfort and Hope for the holidays.

4. Camille Thomas: Voice of Hope

From the rooftops of Paris to empty museums, cellist Camille Thomas has been bringing us hope through the pandemic.  Give the Voice of Hope to a loved one this holiday season.

5. The Kanneh-Masons: Carnival of the Animals

This album is fun for the whole family, which is no wonder, since it was created by an incredibly talented family of musicians.

This comes in a deluxe version, too.

6. Jacqueline Du Pré: Complete EMI Recordings

Jacqueline Du Pré is one of our favorite cellists. At under $50, this 17-CD collection is an amazing value that any cellist would enjoy.

7. Ben Sollee and Kentucky Native

For those who want something non-classical, here’s a wonderful cello album. We love Ben Sollee’s previous albums as well.

For Kids Who Love the Cello

Here are a few books and toys for young cellists.

8. Music for Mr. Moon by Philip C. Stead (Author) and Erin Stead (Illustrator)

This beautifully illustrated book is recommended for preschool through 2nd-grade readers.

9. A Cello Named Pablo: How Amit Peled Came to Play Pablo Casals’ Favorite Cello by Marni Fogelson, Illustrated by Avi Katz

This is a story to inspire both children and adults. Dream big and practice hard.

A Cello Named Pablo

10. The Enchanted Cello Case by Hilary Wang, Illustrated by Julian Wang

This book for 6- to 11-year-old readers will delight adults as well. Read our review here.

Please note that 100% of the profits from the sale of The Enchanted Cello Case are donated to the International Rescue Committee if the book is purchased through this Lulu Press website.

The Enchanted Cello Case book cover


11. Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell with illustrations by Terry Fan

This book for 8- to 12-year-olds is imaginative, poetic, and full of magic and music.

12. Calico Critters Musical Sets

Have a youngster who loves playing with small dolls or action figures? Here are some musical animals they might like.

We found a cat who plays the cello (cat, cello, bow, music stand, music, and cello chair included), a lion who plays the piano (lion, piano, music, and piano bench included), and a rabbit who plays the violin (rabbit, violin, bow, and case included).

Please read age guidelines when considering these toys for small children as they include small parts.

For Adults Who Love the Cello

Here are a few book ideas to get you started. Please note that we are starting a cello book club in January. Several of the authors mentioned below have agreed to join us for an online book club meeting!

Please contact us if you’d like to join the club. (It’s free!)

13. Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason – House of Music: Raising the Kanneh-Masons

We couldn’t put this one down. This is a wonderful book about a remarkable family, written by a brilliant and understanding mother. Read what it’s like raising not one, but seven musical prodigies. This is a great gift, especially for music parents.

14. Kittie Lambton – The Cellist’s Notebook

This novella is a charming story about the positive influence of music on a multi-generational family. We don’t want to give you any spoilers, but we enjoyed this quick read. It makes a great stocking stuffer for a music-lover who also loves to read.

15. Maureen and Leora O’Carroll – A Musical Memoir of an Irish Immigrant Childhood

This beautiful memoir is difficult to put down. Please see our review here. Read what it was like to grow up as an Irish immigrant in Sydney during the 1930s and 40s, as experienced by the young cellist, Maureen O’Carroll.

16. Isabel Rogers – Life, Death and Cellos

This is a wonderful romp through the lives of members of a community orchestra in London and what happens as the result of food poisoning, one dead conductor, and a stolen Stradivarius cello.

17. Gill Tennant – Mellow Cello

This is a wonderful collection of short stories about the cello. Read our review here.

For Cello Students

It’s difficult to choose exactly what a student needs without knowing him/her/them. When in doubt, ask your cello teacher. These are a few suggestions that we like. Use these as starting points.

18. Black Hole Rockstop

Some prefer straps, others have slabs of wood. We love the Black Hole. Every other rock stop we’ve had slips. This one stays put, particularly if you wet it before putting it down.

19. Gift Card for a Bow Rehair

Find out where your cellist gets his/her/their bows rehaired, and get a gift certificate. It helps the cellist and helps support your local bow repair person.

20. Folding Black Music Stand

This is a portable but sturdy, black music stand. We like it because it folds up and can be set as low as 21 inches, which is short enough for many young students and for players who like their stands very low.

(Keep in mind when purchasing a stand for a cellist or a young player that some stands are designed for standing players and/or seated adults.)

21. Korg cello tuner

These days there are many tuner options available. We’re still partial to those with a needle (like this one), but there are many other models at different price points.

22. A Metronome

Luckily, we can now choose from a wide array of metronomes. Students often rely on phone app metronomes, but these are usually not loud enough to be effective without headphones.

We are partial to this type of Seiko as an unnamed team member here at The Cello Museum put one through an industrial washer/dryer at Peabody Conservatory – and afterward, the metronome still worked.  (Only its light stopped functioning.)

Another type we like is the BOSS Dr. Beat models. We once heard a masterclass where participants were told that thousands of dollars in lesson fees could be saved through the use of a Dr. Beat.

23. A Luggage Tag for a Cello Case or Music Bag

Make or buy a special luggage tag for your cellist’s case and/or music bag. There are many options available or you can design your own. Here is a cute one we found.

24. Amit Peled’s The First Hour: A Cellist’s Daily Technical Regimen

This is a wonderful book for cellists who want to get in shape and/or stay in shape. Better yet, give the gift of this book plus an online course with Professor Peled. Read our insider’s view of The First Hour Journey here.

Amit Peled - The First Hour

25. Mike Block’s Contemporary Cello Etudes: Studies in Style and Technique

Looking for cello etudes a bit more modern than Duport and Popper? Check out Mike Block’s wonderful selection of contemporary studies, with a foreword by Yo-Yo Ma.

26. An Etude Book by Cassia Harvey

Cassia Harvey has given cello students many educational resources including etudes, finger exercises, and even guides to cello repertoire. Here is just one example.

27. Barenreiter Edition of the Bach Suites

With so many editions of the Bach cello suites, it can be difficult to choose one. If we had to pick just one edition, this would be it.

look inside
Six Suites for Solo Violoncello BWV 1007-1012
Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750). Edited by August Wenzinger. Stapled. Baroque. Cello solo book. With introductory text (German/English) and performance notes (German only). BWV 1007-1012. 70 pages. Baerenreiter Verlag #BA00320. Published by Baerenreiter Verlag (BA.BA00320).

28. Popper High School of Cello Playing

Our old friend Popper! If your cellist does not already have these studies, they will need them eventually, if not now. Don’t be fooled by the title. “High School” does not mean for grades 9 through 12 – it means playing in thumb position – the high parts of the cello.

29. Want Studies to Help with Bowing Technique? Try Ševčík for the Cello

This is a go-to book for many cellists working on their bowing techniques. It is short but effective.

30. Feuillard Daily Exercises

This book provides exercises all over the cello and is an outstanding choice when building a daily practice regimen.

Enjoy your holiday shopping!

Your Turn

What is your favorite cello-related holiday gift you’ve ever received? Please tell us in the comments.