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Our history

About the Cello Museum

The Cello Museum is an online compendium of the cello, including articles, cello news, and digital exhibitions of cellos, related images, components, and accessories.

Using the online platform allows the museum to be open to all, free of charge, wherever there is internet access.

Our mission is to present an interdisciplinary view of the cultural and technical history of the cello as well as a perspective of its place in the world today in its many and widely varied contexts, to cellists and all who love the cello.

The museum aims to foster connections among performers, teachers, researchers, composers, students, and audiences. Our vision is to inspire, educate, and entertain those who love and/or play the cello.

We love to hear from our visitors. Have a question? A comment? A suggestion for an article or a cello to feature? Just want to say hi? Please get in touch.

The Cello Museum was conceived in 2019 and opened in 2020.

At present, The Cello Museum is operated solely through donations and volunteer work. Please consider making a donation. Your donation matters.

Mixed Media Portrait of Jeremy Montagu by Brenda Scott

The Cello Museum is dedicated to the memory of

Jeremy Montagu (1927-2020)

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