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5 Cello Movies to Watch During the Crisis

While some places are opening up, many of us are still affected by stay-at-home orders and canceled gigs. Here are 5 cello movies to keep us all going. Cello movies – cello movies everywhere. Where to begin? We started by looking for films made before the year 2000 so that

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Louka and Kolja walking, Louka pushing a bicycle.

How One Little Boy Changed a Cellist’s Life Forever

Need a break from current events? This heartwarming cello movie is about life, death, and cello – and it’s free to watch on YouTube.* Kolja Today’s cello movie is the Academy Award-winning 1996 Czech film, Kolja (or Kolya), based on a story by Pavel Taussig. Set 1988-89 in what was

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The Cellist, the Playboy, and the Private Investigator

A cello movie about the love affair that will be felt around the world. Looking for something cello-related to escape from current events for a couple of hours? Love in the Afternoon is a witty, romantic, and light-hearted movie about a Parisian cello student that’s available for free on YouTube.*

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Flying cello case with quote from the book: " Going for a ride on a flying cello case sounds awesome!

The Enchanted Cello Case

Looking for a book for 6- to 11-year-old readers with a cello connection? Readers of all ages will enjoy The Enchanted Cello Case by Hilary Wang, illustrated by Julian Wang. Plus – when you buy a copy, you are supporting refugees. The Appeal of the Cello Case In December 2019,

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Juliet Stevenson and Alan Rickman in Truly, Madly, Deeply. Copyright by BBC and other relevant production studios and distributors. Intended for editorial use only. Source: MovieStills DB'

Truly, Madly, Cello

A hopeful cello movie sometimes used for grief counseling* As a result of the pandemic, many of us are dealing directly or indirectly with pain and loss. This cello movie is about love, loss, and ultimately – the triumph of the human spirit. It has been used in professional grief

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Short clip of Gauche playing the cello.

Learn from the Animals – Lessons in Life and the Cello

Only have an hour to spare but want to watch a cello movie? Love anime? This beautiful, 1-hour film is free to watch on YouTube.* Cello Hiki no Gauche Today’s cello movie is a Japanese anime film from 1982, called Cello Hiki no Gauche, based on a short story by

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Kara and Bond Carrying Kara's Cello Case through the Snow. Copyright by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists, Danjaq, S.A., eon and other relevant production studios and distributors. Intended for editorial use only. Source: MovieStillsDB.

James Bond, the Sniper, and a Stradivarius Cello

Looking for a cello movie as a temporary escape from the news? This Bond film from the 1980s is a delightful romp with a fictional Stradivarius cello in tow. The Living Daylights Today’s cello movie is The Living Daylights, the 1987 Timothy Dalton James Bond film based on a short

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