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Bill Covitz


Bill Covitz is the owner of Ice Matters™, an ice carving company he opened in 1999 – however, ice was not his first calling. Bill is a former Chef and a 1991 graduate from the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.

As a Chef, Bill spent several years working in fine dining restaurants throughout the United States, specializing in French Cuisine and also worked as a Private Chef in both France and Belgium.

Fulfilled with his career as a Chef, he went looking for a new avenue to explore his artistic calling – leaving the hot kitchen for the cold freezer.

Raised in Ridgefield, CT, he decided to move back to his home state and open an ice carving business. He now works in a 12 degree studio creating ice masterpieces for country clubs, hotels, banquet facilities, restaurants and individuals throughout Connecticut.

At the 2004 National Ice Carving Association’s Nationals he was the Grand Champion, placing first on both days  of the 2-day competition. This honor was the icing on the cake for Bill as he was undefeated in local competitions for several seasons.

In March of 2006 he placed second in the world at the World Ice Art Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska.  In February 2009, after taking several years off from competing, he returned to the National Ice Carving Association’s Nationals and placed 2nd with his Praying Mantis design….his favorite yet!

Creating ice instruments on a mountain top in Norway, something he has been doing every year since January 2006, has been an exciting challenge and he hopes to continue making ice music possible in the years to come.

2013 proved to be a busy ice music travel season with a four city tour in February 2013 and a trip to Greenland with a Canadian production company in search of the perfect ice in August. At each location he made  instruments for Norwegian musician, Terje Isungset to play.

2014 marked Norway’s 200th year of independence and was a much celebrated event. Bill replicated buildings in ice for the Norweigan government as well as created the stage and ice instruments for the celebration.

In 2015 after creating cool snow sculptures in Lilehammer, Bill created ice instruments in Geilo for the 10th annual ice music festival.

In 2019 he retunrned to Norway to create snow sculptures for a top-secret storybook project. …shhhh.

On a personal note, he loves golf,  archery, power tools, power toys, wood-working and is the proud father of two boys and husband to the office girl, Jen.

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Visit the Ice Matters website for more information and to contact Bill Covitz.

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