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Jared Harris - Uncontained Curiosity

Jared Harris with his Steel Cello - Uncontained Curiosity. Photo courtesy Jared Harris

Jared Harris Biography

I’ve grown up always working with my hands or doing some sort of DIY activity. This ranges from electronics, to auto-mechanical work, computers, and of course music.

At first I always wanted to be a luthier since I would always tinker with my instruments, but as I grew up – I pursued Mechanical Engineering. First example was re-tuning our piano while I was in middle school!

I’ve played piano most of my life going on 20+ years, Cello for 15 years, then guitar/bass (mostly electric) for 12 years.

I’ve always done my own modifications to my electric guitars such as changing out pickups, wiring modifications, among other details.

For cello, I learned to fit my own bridge and from there after I got into 3D printing, I started experimenting with alternative bridge designs.

Throughout my college years I always had this idea for a new cello design. I went as far as creating 3D CAD models and also hand sketches (most have been lost).

When I eventually got myself a welder, the steel cello was my very first full project. I can’t say it’s the prettiest welds, but as for absolute functionality, it’s more than I could ever ask for.

As of lately, I’m working as a mechanical engineer professionally, and at home I’m always tinkering on my next project, which I’ll usually share on my YouTube channel: Uncontained Curiosity.

Contact Information

For more information or to contact Jared  about commissioning a handmade steel cello, please email him at uncontainedcuriosity(at), or visit his YouTube channel, Uncontained Curiosity.

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