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Tim Linhart

My name is Tim Linhart, I am the founder of the emerging art form of Ice Music.  Over the past 36 winters I have been working as an ice artist in the existing winter conditions in Colorado USA, northern Sweden, and the Italian Alps. I have created and maintained many hundreds of monumental scale snow and ice sculptures, hundreds of ice musical instruments, 19 ice orchestras, and 11 gigantic igloo Ice Music concert halls.  In this process I have developed a wide variety of tools, techniques, and materials which are suited to working with the various natures of snow, water, and ice to produce an ever widening range of beautiful, interesting and useful objects and buildings. I call it Icemanship.

In 2000, I built a 5-piece orchestra with two octobasses and 3 cellos. To date I have built 26 ice cellos and counting.

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