Milton Lilbourne Church Cello. Wiltshire Museum.

Iron Church Cello from Milton Lilbourne

A Cello from St. Peter’s Church, Milton Lilbourne Miss A. L. Gale, daughter of the Vicar at Milton Lilbourne where it was played in the church band, gave it the the Wiltshire Museum in 1916. The village blacksmith made it out of iron in the late 18th or early 19th

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Metal Cello from St. Lawrence's, Caterham.

Iron Church Cello from Caterham

An Iron Church Cello This late 18th-century iron cello was played in the west gallery of St Lawrence’s Church in Caterham, Surrey.  It was painted to look as if it were made of wood. Albert Elliff Hills Made by a Shoemaker The Caterham cello was made by a local shoemaker

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Copper Cello from Bosham Parish Church. MFA, Boston (18.656)

Copper Cello from Bosham Parish Church

Copper Church Cello Owned and played by members of the Martin family in the Bosham Parish Church, Holy Trinity, this late 18th-century copper cello is now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Leslie Lindsey Mason Collection, Accession Number 18.656). It has an ebony fingerboard and tailpiece as well as

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Copper Cello by A. L. of Fontaine-l'Évêque (1840)

Brass? Cello by A.L. of Fontaine-l’Évêque (1840)

19th-Century Brass? Cello from Belgium According to the 1900 catalogue of the Musical Instruments Museum, Brussels,  this cello is labeled Fait par A. L. de Fontaine l’Eveque 1840. [Made by A. L. of Fontaine l’Eveque 1840.] Although the tailpiece and strings are not shown in the online catalogue, at least

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Yamashita Kogyosho Aluminum Cello

Yamashita Kogyosho Aluminum Cello

From Bullet Trains to Cellos The Japanese sheet metal processing company, Yamashita Kogyosho, employs highly skilled craftsmen to hammer aluminum sheets with a technique called Uchidashi Bankin to create precisely curved surfaces. Using their exceptional hammering skills and relying on both their experience and intuition, they carefully control the strength

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Steel Cello by Jared Harris - Uncontained Curiosity. Photo courtesy Jared Harris

Steel Cello by Jared Harris – Uncontained Curiosity

Inspired by Steel Jared Harris is a mechanical engineer by profession and an avid cellist. After working in a job that involved a lot of steel enclosures and sheet metal, in 2019 Harris was inspired to use this material to build a cello. Constructing the Cello Long before he decided

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Detail of Front of German Aluminum Violoncello, G. A. Pfretzschner, c. 1930, photo credit: Skinner, Inc.

Aluminum Cello from the Workshop of G. A. Pfretzschner (c.1930)

Aluminum Cello Makers used aluminum to build musical instruments including violins, double basses, mandolins, and guitars, from the second half of the nineteenth century through the 1940s. This is a rare example of an aluminum cello, made for the G.A. Pfretzschner workshop, c. 1930. Its label reads: This cello made

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Glass Cello by Hario Glass in Japan (2004)

Hario Glass – Glass Cello

The Hario Glass company of Japan makes glass tea and coffee pots. However, near the turn of the century, the company decided to make a violin and a cello. They began with the violin and called it the Hirom Glass violin. Construction This video shows how Hario artists created the

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Gary Word, Glass Cello. Final Version #3. Photo courtesy Gary Word

Glass Cellos by Gary Word

Glass Cello-Making Journey Gary Word began the journey to creating his beautiful, ice-like glass cellos fourteen years ago. He first experimented with making glass violins and then wanted to make cellos. Size Matters Increasing the size of the instruments had its challenges. One of the main problems to overcome was

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Charlotte Moorman performs Jim McWilliams’s Ice Music for London, International Carnival of Experimental Sound, London, 1972. Photographer unknown. Photo courtesy Charlotte Moorman Archive, Charles Deering McCormick Library of Special Collections, Northwestern University Library.

Ice Cube Cello Played by Charlotte Moorman

Ice Cellos – Conceived by Jim McWilliams and Played by Charlotte Moorman The original ice cellos were a collaboration between composer Jim McWilliams and cellist Charlotte Moorman. In 1972, he created one of her signature works: Ice Music. McWilliams gave her verbal instructions for this new work: she was to

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