XOXO by Axie Oh held by African American young woman

XOXO – Cellist Meets K-pop Idol

Cellist Prodigy Jenny Needs to Find Her Spark – Jenny, a high school cello prodigy aiming for a career as a classical concert cellist, is having a bad day. Although she won a music competition last weekend, she is unhappy with the judges’ comments. She carries them around in her

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Hilary and Julian Wang at the Multnomah County Library holding their book: The Enchanted Cello Case

The Enchanted Cello Case Discussion

November 2021 Cello Book Club This is the page for book club members to discuss this month’s title: Hilary Wang (author) and Julian Wang (illustrator): The Enchanted Cello Case We are thrilled to have the author and illustrator, mother-son team, Hilary and Julian Wang, join us via Zoom for an

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The Cellist's Notebook by Kittie Lambton being held by a young woman and an old green notebook. This image is for our contest to compose the fragment of music that Emily found in the notebook in this book.

A Memorable Cello Piece Brings People Together in The Cellist’s Notebook

The Cellist’s Notebook, a novella by cellist and award-winning author, Kittie Lambton, has everything I like in a book – a great story, cellos, history, an eager young cello student – and a cat! I usually read novels rather than novellas, but this book has made me want to read

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Daniel Silva - The Cellist

Love spy novels? Love the cello? Read The Cellist by Daniel Silva

The Cello, Espionage, and Politics – Musicians and artists have always made ideal spies. Josephine Baker, Darrell M. Blocker, Leon Theremin (born Lev Sergeyevich Termen – a cellist by training who went on to invent the theremin), Ian Fleming (half-brother of cellist Amaryllis Fleming), Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Noël Coward

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The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

Love Bridgerton? Love the Cello? Add This to Your Summer Reading List

  Love Bridgerton? Love the cello? Here’s a book – possibly a whole series! – to add to your summer reading list. Amid all the balls and social occasions in the Bridgerton books and Netflix series, there are the obligatory musicales. The Bridgerton books in particular have a running joke

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Contest: Compose the Memorable Musical Fragment in The Cellist's Notebook

Contest: Compose the Memorable Musical Fragment in The Cellist’s Notebook

We are pleased to announce a contest to accompany our upcoming Cello Book Club meeting with author Kittie Lambton to discuss her book, The Cellist’s Notebook. Contest The contest is to see who can compose the most fitting musical fragment of Leni’s cello and piano piece that Emily discovers in

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The Cellist's Notebook by Kittie Lambton book cover

The Cellist’s Notebook Discussion

July 2021 Cello Book Club This is the page for book club members to discuss this month’s title: Kittie Lambton: The Cellist’s Notebook We are thrilled that author Kittie Lambton has agreed to join us for our online book club meeting at 5 PM BST 18 July 2021. In conjunction

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Life Death and Cellos by Isabel Rogers book cover

Life, Death and Cellos Discussion

January 2021 Cello Book Club This is the page for book club members to discuss this month’s title: Isabel Rogers: Life, Death and Cellos The title says it all – Life, Death and Cellos. This is the best title for any cello fiction we’ve ever read. This book made us laugh

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Woman holding Gill Tennant's book Mellow Cello

Mellow Cello Review

Don’t overlook this wonderful collection of stories about the cello! A Collection of Short Stories for Cellists I must confess that I almost overlooked this wonderful book. Contrary to the old idiom, I did judge a book by its cover. The title, Mellow Cello, is non-descriptive, and I assumed, from

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Flying cello case with quote from the book: " Going for a ride on a flying cello case sounds awesome!

The Enchanted Cello Case

Looking for a book for 6- to 11-year-old readers with a cello connection? Readers of all ages will enjoy The Enchanted Cello Case by Hilary Wang, illustrated by Julian Wang. Plus – when you buy a copy, you are supporting refugees. The Appeal of the Cello Case In December 2019,

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