Bill Covitz constructs an ice cello using a wooden neck. Photo: Emile Holba.

Ice Cellos – Meant for the Moment

Struck by Inspiration – It Started with a Marimba – About 20 years ago a professional percussionist asked ice artist Bill Covitz if he could help him make a marimba for an ice festival in Norway. The man was an active professional and professor at a major American conservatory and

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Tim Linhart Ice Cello. Ice Music. Photo: Darren Edwards

Tim Linhart’s Ice Cellos: Extreme Icemanship

A Note from the Curator – One of the greatest pleasures of putting together an exhibition of musical instruments is getting to talk to instrument makers. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Tim Linhart, who is a world-class ice artist. In response to our request for materials, Tim sent us this

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