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It’s difficult to believe that it’s been just over a year since we launched our online museum website – the first of its kind.

So whether this is your first visit or you’ve been with us along the way, thank you for joining us here at the Cello Museum. Creating the Cello Museum is a dream come true, particularly for my fellow curator Erica Lessie and me.


Jeremy Montagu

Jeremy Montagu 29 October 2019

I still remember the afternoon I spent with Jeremy Montagu in October of 2019 when I first had the idea of creating an online museum. Click here to read more about how this idea came to me in a flash that afternoon and how Jeremy and I had a wonderful exchange of ideas and plans that day.

The goal was – and is – to create an online platform with cello exhibitions, articles, and news and to make this accessible and free to everyone who loves the cello.

The Cello Museum is the first musical instrument museum of its kind, centered on one instrument, and conceived from the start as being completely online.

A Year in Review

This has been an exciting first year for us. Here are some of the highlights:

Our Series

We started with one series:  Erica’s Postcards, on the last week of every month. Over the year, we’ve added more:

  • Dr. Leonovich’s monthly articles about cello repertoire (3rd week of every month)
  • Bow History by Andrew Bellis (approximately once every other month)
  • Our daily Cello Birthdays series – celebrating the lives of cellists, composers who have given us music played by cellists, cello makers, cello historians, and others with a strong tie to cellos (This is an excellent place for cellists and non-cellists alike to discover new repertoire.)
  • N.B.: Next month, we will start a new series featuring New York Women Composers and their works for the cello! Stay tuned for details! (2nd week of every month)

A Few Favorite Articles

It was too difficult for me to choose my favorites, but according to Google, some of our most popular articles of the past year, aside from the series above, are:

A Chance to Win Prizes!

Please help us celebrate by entering for a chance to win a prize from our limited edition product line. Every Saturday for four weeks, starting tomorrow (25 September, 2 October, and 9 October), we’ll be doing a random prize drawing.

Here are the prizes:

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You can also purchase these and other limited edition first anniversary items here.

How You Can Help

While this online is completely free to visitors, we would be grateful for your help. Please tell your cello-loving friends, students, family, and colleagues about us.

We are also grateful for your support through donations and museum shop purchases. At this time, we run entirely on volunteer work and your assistance. Every little bit helps.

Thank you.

Your Turn

What topics would you like to see us cover in the future? Please tell us in the comments.

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