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Cello Birthdays – 1 August

Today, 1 August 2021, marks the launch of our new Cello Birthday series to celebrate the birthdays of cellists, cello makers, composers of music played by cellists, and those with strong ties to the cello world.

Before today, our only tributes were on social media platforms, but this meant our non-social media cello friends did not see our tributes. We hope this way everyone can celebrate the lives of cellists and composers of cello music.


Benedetto Marcello

(31 July or 1 August – 1686 – 24 July 1739)

Italian composer

Portrait of Italian composer Benedetto Marcello

Benedetto Marcello. Portrait from the Gallica Digital Library and is available under the digital ID btv1b8426535d/f1.item.

Here is his Cello Sonate Op. 1, No. 6 in G Major, played by cellists Gaetano Nasillo and Sara Bennici and harpsichordist Anna Fontana:


Karl Kohn

Happy 95th Birthday!

Austrian-born American composer, pianist, conductor, and teacher

Karl Kohn

Karl Kohn in 2016. Image from “Karl Kohn: the Composer and his Music at 90” concert program listing on Pomona College website.

He emigrated to the USA after the Anschluss in 1938 and became an American citizen in 1945. Here is his Soliloquy II played by cellist Tom Flaherty:

Your Turn

Know of other cellists, cello makers, composers of music played by cellists, or those with a strong tie to the cello world born on this day? This is a work in progress. We’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions, additions, or corrections. Thank you!

We include those with recordings and/or images available online.