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Cello Birthdays – 12 November


Achille-Félix Montaubry

(12 November 1826 – 2 October 1898)

French cellist and operatic tenor

Achille-Félix Montaubry


Gustav Merkel

(12 November 1827 – 30 October 1885)

German organist and composer

Gustav Merkel

Here is his Arioso for cello and organ, Op. 55, performed by cellist/organist Warwick Cole:



Alexander Borodin

(12 November 1833 – 27 February 1887)

Russian composer and chemist

Alexander Borodin

Here is the “Nocturne” (third movement) from his String Quartet No. 2 performed by the Borodin Quartet:



Solon Michaelides

(12 November 1905 – 10 September 1979)

Cypriot composer, teacher, and musicologist

Solon Michaelides

Here is his Suite Grecque for cello and piano performed by cellist Othmar Müller and pianist Leonore Aumaier:


Sam Jones

(12 November 1924 – 15 December 1981)

American jazz double bassist, cellist, and composer

Here he plays the cello in “Old Folks” from his album, Cello Again (1976):


István Várdai

Happy birthday

Hungarian cellist

István Várdai

Here he performs the Dvořák Cello Concerto in b minor, Op. 104, with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra:

Your Turn

Know of other cellists, cello makers, composers of music played by cellists, or those with a strong tie to the cello world born on this day? This is a work in progress. We’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions, additions, or corrections. Thank you!

We include those with recordings and/or images available online.