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Cello Birthdays – 22 October


Daniel Steibelt

(22 October 1765 – 20 September 20 [O.S. 8 September] 1823)

German pianist and composer

Daniel Steibelt

He is famous for having lost a musical duel with Ludwig van Beethoven. In Ferdinand Ries’s recollection of the event, Beethoven improvised on a Steibelt cello part. Ries wrote that Beethoven placed the music upside down on the piano and proceeded to improvise on it in a way that mocked Steibelt. Steibelt stormed out of the duel and said he would never return to Vienna as long as Beethoven lived there.

Now music students, including cellists, play his “Un Ballo,” but perhaps it’s not the best choice for a musical duel.


Franz Liszt

(22 October 1811 – 31 July 1886)

Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, conductor, music teacher, arranger, and organist

Liszt in 1858 by Franz Hanfstaengl

Liszt in 1858 by Franz Hanfstaengl

 Here are his complete works for cello and piano performed by cellist Francesco Dillon and pianist Emanuele Torquati:



Guglielmo Quarenghi

 (22 October 1826 – 3 February 1882)

Italian composer and cellist

Guglielmo Quarenghi - Metodo di violoncello (Milan, 1876)

Guglielmo Quarenghi – Metodo di violoncello (Milan, 1876)

Here is an “Andante” performed by cellist Anselmo Pelliccioni:



Marcel Mihalovici

(22 October 1898 – 12 August 1985)

French composer, born in Romania

Marcel Mihalovici

Here is his Sonata for unaccompanied cello performed by cellist Johann Causse:


John Kosma

(22 October 1905 – 7 August 1969)

Hungarian-French composer

Here is his “Autumn Leaves” performed by Old Wine (cellist Marta Mlejnek and bassist Bartek Mlejnek:


Kees van Baaren

(22 October 1906 – 2 September 1970)

Dutch composer, pianist, cellist, and harmonica player

Kees van Baaren


Hikaru Hayashi

(22 October 1931 – 5 January 2012)

Japanese composer, pianist, and conductor

Hikaru Hayashi

He wrote an opera called Gauche the Cellist based on the short story by Kenji Miyazawa. Click here to see our article about the animated film inspired by the same short story. Here is a video showing behind-the-scenes footage on making his opera:


Tadeáš Salva

(22 October 1937 – 3 January 1995)

Slovak composer, cellist, pianist, accordionist, and teacher

Tadeáš Salva

Here is his Cello Concerto, recorded by cellist Eugen Prochác and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marián Lejava:


Svante Henryson

Happy birthday!

Swedish composer, cellist, bass guitarist, and double bassist

Svante Henryson. Photo by Mats Bäcker

Svante Henryson. Photo by Mats Bäcker

Here he performs his “Black Run” for Solo Cello:

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We include those with recordings and/or images available online.