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Cello Birthdays – 24 August


Théodore Dubois

(24 August 1837 – 11 June 1924)

French composer, organist, and music teacher

Théodore Dubois

Théodore Dubois in 1896, the year he became director of the Paris Conservatoire.

Here is his Cello Sonata in D Major performed by cellist Benôit Loiselle and pianist Stéphane Lemelin:


Gérard Hekking

(24 August 1879 – 5 June 1942)

French Cellist

Gérard Hekking

Here is some home movie footage of him in rehearsal with conductor (and fellow cellist) Hans Kindler at the Hollywood Bowl in 1937. The music was added later as the original film was silent. The piece, Villageoise, was written and performed by Gérard Hekking:


Bernhard Heiden

(24 August 1910 – 30 April 2000)

German-American composer and music professor

Bernhard Heiden

Here is his Recitative and Aria for cello and orchestra (1985), recorded by Janos Starker and the Pittsburgh Symphony conducted by Dennis Russell Davies:


Stephen Paulus

(24 August 1949 – 19 October 2014)

Grammy-winning American composer

Stephen Paulus. Photo by Lisa G. Bauer, CC by 2..0.

Stephen Paulus. Photo by Lisa G Bauer, CC BY 2.0.

Here is his Art Suite, performed by Duo Amie (Julie Reimann cello, Ellyses Kuan, piano):

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We include those with recordings and/or images available online.