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Cello Birthdays – 5 November


Attilio Ariosti

(5 November 1666 – 1729)

Italian composer, keyboard player, viola d’amore player, cellist, Servite Friar

Attilio Ariosti


Hugh Montgomerie

(2 November 1880 – 25 April 1939)

Scottish cellist, composer, and politician

Hugh Montgomerie


Friedrich Wilhelm Grenser

(5 November 1805 – 5 January 1859)

German cellist

Friedrich Wilhelm Grenser


Vivien Leigh

(5 November 1913 – 8 July 1967)

British actress who played the cello as a schoolgirl

Vivien Leigh


Claus Adam

(5 November 1917 – 4 July 1983)

American cellist and composer

Claus Adam

Here is the 1st movement of his Concerto for Cello and Orchestra performed by Stephen Kates and the Louisville Orchestra under Jorge Mester:


Nicholas Maw

(5 November 1935 – 19 May 2009)

British composer

Here is his Sonata Notturna recorded by cellist Raphael Wallfisch and the English String Orchestra conducted by William Boughton:


Emmanuelle Bertrand

Happy birthday!

French cellist

Emmanuelle Bertrand

Here she performs Rachmaninov’s “Vocalise” with pianist Pascal Amoyel:


Georgina Sánchez Torres

Happy birthday!

Spanish cellist, conductor, professor, and composer

Danza Farruca nº 6

Here she performs her “Danza Farruca” No. 6:

Your Turn

Know of other cellists, cello makers, composers of music played by cellists, or those with a strong tie to the cello world born on this day? This is a work in progress. We’d love to hear from you if you have suggestions, additions, or corrections. Thank you!

We include those with recordings and/or images available online.