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Welcome to our Founders Campaign! We are running a 45-day campaign to raise funds to hire a Cello Museum assistant. For a gift of $100 or more, you can be a Cello Museum Founder. We need a minimum of $5000 to hire an assistant for three months, but we hope to raise at least $20,000 in order to hire someone for an entire year.

So far we have raised $5,330 of our $20,000 goal.



Our Story

We have spent over two and half years working to build the Cello Museum and establish this online home for cellists and all who love the cello.

We publish weekly articles and have shared one major online exhibition to date. In addition, here are some highlights of what we’ve done since our launch in September 2020:

The Cello Guild

Our Next Big Project: the Cello Guild

Our next big project is creating an online Cello Guild with educational resources for cellists including video and Zoom-based courses, an online library, and a book and sheet music shop.

In order to move forward with the Guild, podcast, and our next online exhibitions, we need administrative help. Our goal is to hire a full-time assistant.

The Cello Museum is a dream come true, but it is not yet financially self-sustaining. Our aim is to keep the Cello Museum free for everyone – but it is not free for us to create and maintain this valuable cello-focused content.

Make a Difference: Become a Cello Museum Founder

This is your chance to make a difference by becoming a Cello Museum Founder. We are asking you for your financial gift to support the Cello Museum. With a gift of $100 or more, you will become one of our Cello Museum Founders.

Founders will help us hire our first paid team member – an administrative assistant. Having an assistant will allow our specialists to focus on our research and writing projects to create new exhibitions, more articles, a podcast, and other educational materials for the Cello Museum and will help us build and run the Cello Guild. 


Our Goal

To hire someone, we need at least $20,000 for one year. We can start with $5,000 for three months, but we’d like to be able to guarantee someone a paid position for a year. Any funds we raise beyond our goal will help us cover our operating costs.

How to Donate

To make it easy to give, we have three ways you can donate – and the money will all go towards our goal:

  1. Donate through our website via PayPal.
  2. Donate through GoFundMe.*

Founders Cello

Gifts of any size will be greatly appreciated, and those who give $100 or more will be recognized as our Founders and have the opportunity to have their names put on a decorated retired cello kindly donated by High Strung Violins and Guitars of Durham, NC. 

Founders Cello

This is the Founders Cello that was kindly donated by High Strung Violins and Guitars of Durham, NC. It is an unplayable cello that will be decorated and display the names of our Founders. Thank you, High Strung!


Founders Campaign Perks


  • $5 – Pau Casals Coloring Page (PDF download)
  • $25 – Professionally digitally restored photograph of Pau Casals ready to print.
  • $100 Name on Founders Cello. This is the first level where you are considered to be a Cello Museum Founder.
  • $250 – Founders T-Shirt or Mug + Name on Founders Cello
  • $500 – Phone Case (iPhone or Samsung) or Athletic Shorts (or Swim Trunks) + Name on Founders Cello
  • $1,000 – Packable Jacket or Concert Lawn Blanket + Name on Founders Cello
  • $2,500 – A 90-minute Zoom Lecture/Recital by Erica Lessie and Brenda Neece + Your Choice of Previous Perks + Name on Founders Cello
  • $10,000 – A 20″ x 24” Mixed Media Portrait (like the one of Jeremy Montagu) + Your Choice of Previous Museum Shop Perks + Name on Founders Cello

For all of the perks, please make the donation via PayPal* and then fill out the form below or contact us, so that we can make arrangements with you to get you your perks.

How to Get Your Name on the Founders Cello

Donate $100 or more through one of the methods above, and we’ll put your name (and location, if desired) onto our decorated Founders Cello.

  1. Make your donation using one of the methods above
  2. Then, fill out the form below, so that we are sure to have the information as you’d like it to appear on the special Founders Cello
  3. Thank you!

Founders Perks and Cello Form
Name you used for your donation. This does not have to be the same name you want on the Founders Cello and can be kept private. However, we need this, so that we can match it with your donation. Thank you!
Please make sure this is accurate so that we can contact you to arrange your perks. Thank you!
Please note that we are not allowed to offer perks for donations made via GoFundMe. Why are we collecting this information? This information and your name and email address allow us to record your gift. It will also help us organize Founders perks. We want to make sure that everyone who gives $100 or more and wants to be on the Founders Cello is included. Thank you for helping us with this.

Future Fundraiser

Later this year, we plan to start a membership program for members of our Cello Museum family who would like to support us on a regular basis. Members will receive some exclusive materials for their contributions. However, we will not have another Founders Campaign – this is a one-time fundraiser.

Thank you

Thank You

Thank you for making the Cello Museum possible! 

Your Turn

If you love the Cello Museum, please share our Founders Campaign. Thank you!

*Please note that we are not allowed to offer perks, rewards, gifts, or anything of value in return for donations made via GoFundMe, according to their terms of service.

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