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Cellos for Trees: Cellists Worldwide Unite to Help Change the World

Summer is here, and so is the final Cellos for Trees video!

Cellos for Trees


Cellos for Trees is a call to action to plant 10,000 trees. Click here to donate directly to the project.

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Bringing Cellists Together

Cellos for Trees brought together about 200 cellists from all over the world in the final project video released on the Summer Solstice, “Cellos for Trees—The Forest.” Thank you to everyone who participated and donated their time, expertise, and funds to make this project a reality.

Thank you especially to Clíodhna Ní Aodáin for taking on this project, pulling together an incredible team, and working tirelessly to make this project happen.

Here is “Full Circle—The Forest”:

From #cellosforpeace to #cellosfortrees

Clíodhna Ní Aodáin. Photo by Owen O'Connor

Clíodhna Ní Aodáin. Photo by Owen O’Connor.

Cellos for Trees began when the Cello Museum invited cellist and composer, Clíodhna Ní Aodáin, to collaborate on a Celtic music #cellistsforpeace project. We asked what charity Clíodhna wanted to support, and she quickly answered that her vision was to make a difference in the world by planting trees.

Clíodhna was so incredibly inspired that she immediately wrote an original composition for us to play and took over the lead of the project. Her original composition is a multi-track cello piece called “Full Circle—Cellos for Trees.”

She wrote parts for everyone: beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional. Each cellist chose a part to play, then made a video of themselves playing under their favorite tree. The final video combined the submissions to create a virtual forest of cellos and trees: “Full Circle—The Forest.”

A Forest of Cellos

What’s better than a cello? A forest of cellos!


​One of the titles I suggested for Clíodhna’s new piece was “Full Circle,” symbolizing the connection between cellos and trees. Trees gave us the materials* to create cellos, giving us a voice for our music.

Through this project, we can all give back and plant trees—from the singing wood of the cello back to the living wood of trees!


Help Make a Difference!

The final video for this project is complete, but this is just the beginning. Please help plant 10,000 trees through donations and purchases of the #cellosfortrees merchandise.

In addition, we hope this project inspires others to put their talents to work to help plant trees. What will be next in this #musicfortrees quest? Cellists were first, but will we have #violinsfortrees next? (We’re looking at you, TwoSet Violin!)

We hope other artists will join in as well— visual artists, dancers, and maybe even martial artists! (My black belt brother once raised money for medical research by breaking 1000s of boards.)

Every tree has a story to tell. Now it is our turn to create our own legacy, sending love and hope to the future by planting trees today.

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#cellosfortrees white hoodie

#cellosfortrees Hoodies, T-Shirts, and More

Support the project by purchasing a #cellosfortrees product. Click here for T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and stickers.

* Wood is not the only material used to make cellos. Be sure to check out our Innovations in Cello-Making Materials exhibition.

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