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Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week – 12 February

Here’s your weekly dose of cello news.

Cello News

How We Met – Sharon Robinson and Jaime Laredo

Sharon Robinson and Jaime Laredo

Sharon Robinson and Jaime Laredo

Sally Pollak published a story this week for Valentine’s Day: “Six Vermont Couples Share Their ‘How We Met’ Stories.” One of the couples was cellist Sharon Robinson and violinist Jaime Loredo.

They danced at a Holiday Inn in Great Falls, Mont., and held hands in San Francisco. But New Orleans on Valentine’s Day 1974, where they performed the last concert of a chamber music tour with Musicians From Marlboro, is especially memorable for cellist Sharon Robinson.

“That night is when I was kind of realizing, This guy Jaime Laredo is something very, very special,” she said.

Awww . . . Happy Valentine’s Day to Sharon Robinson and Jaime Laredo, and to our entire Cello Museum family!

20 Questions with Cellist Ofra Harnoy

Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week - 12 February

Cellist Ofra Harnoy. Photo: Andrew Waterman/The Telegram

Andrew Waterman spoke with cellist Ofra Harnoy and asked her 20 questions about her life. The article gives a lovely behind-the-scenes view of the life of this great soloist. Learn about her favorite place, what she’s listening to now, and more.

Read Waterman’s article here.

Cellist Yuriy Leonovich Publishes First Edition of Herbert’s First Cello Concerto

In the composer’s birthday month, Professor Yuriy Leonovich has undertaken the task of producing the first edition of Victor Herbert’s Cello Concerto No. 1, bringing this work within reach of cellists who cannot afford to rent one of the circulating manuscript copies. It’s difficult to believe, but Herbert’s first cello concerto had never before been published.

Leonovich has dedicated this edition to the great Lynn Harrell who was the first to record the concerto.

Get more information about Leonovich’s edition here.

Cellist Jordan Hamilton wins Top Awards in the 2020 WYCE Jammie Awards 

Jordan Hamilton has won Best Hip Hop Album and Album of the Year in the 2020 WYCE Jammie Awards for his album, My Thoughts Are. Listen below.

Congratulations, Jordan Hamilton!

WARNING: Some explicit language.

Cellist Aria DiSalvio Plays on Torched Bonny Doon Hill in Latest Love You Madly Video

As we approach the half-anniversary (six months) of the catastrophic CZU fires in the Santa Cruz Mountains, it’s timely to remember that, for those who in Bonny Doon and the San Lorenzo Valley, the grief, healing, and rebuilding — and the emotional and financial struggles that are part of that — is still an everyday process.

Love You Madly is an ongoing program to help raise funds to help those displaced by the fires. They post a video every week to help raise money for victims of the fire. This week’s video features cellist Aria DiSalvio performing “The Captain” filmed on her family’s land in an area that was consumed by the fire.

Also performing are guitarist William Coulter (another Dooner who lost his home in the fire) and violinist Sumaia Jackson.

Visit the Love You Madly website to make a donation.

Composer Kris Baines is Raising Funds to Honor 2011 Earthquake Victims

Composer, pianist, and paramedic Kris Baines is working on a musical tribute to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 2011 earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

With cellist Andrew Joyce, principal cellist in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, he is creating a video for his original composition From the Rubble.

In addition to footage of the duo performing in locations around Christchurch, the video also features all 185 names of the quake victims, set to the music Baines composed.

He has set up a fundraising campaign to

make the video “as good as it can be.”

A percentage of the money raised will be given

to support St John, the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, and the Memorial Fund for the victims’ families.

Click here to donate and learn more.


Irish Cellist Patrick Dexter‬ on The Ryan Tubridy Show

Irish Cellist Patrick Dexter Gone Viral

Irish cellist Patrick Dexter has been in the news a lot for his outdoor performances at his scenic home in west Ireland during the pandemic.


A New Live Album by Cellist Peter Gregson with His Music Featured in Bridgerton

This new album released on 29 January 2021 consists of live recordings by cellist Peter Gregson of his pieces from his 2018 album Bach Recomposed. His reworking of the Gigue from the 6th suite

received a prominent placement in the Netflix period drama Bridgerton.

Cellist Francesca Ter-Berg to Release Debut EP: In Eynem

We followed the story about cellist Francesca Ter-Berg’s successful campaign to save the historic synagogue in Margate and now look forward to her upcoming album release on 16 April. You can pre-order the digital album on Bandcamp. (Click the image below for the link.)

According to the information on Bandcamp, this album

straddles the worlds of live processing, improvisation and traditional folk song. Weaving together fragments of field recordings, samples and beats with winding cello melodies and tunes from the Yiddish and Sinti Manouche traditions, the EP is a mesmeric first peek into the cellist’s recorded solo works.


Overture and Chorale (2020) for Cello Quartet by Andrea Casarrubios

Enjoy this beautiful cello quartet piece by cellist and composer Andrea Casarrubios.

Performed live* by the Manhattan Chamber Players at the Crescent City Chamber Music Festival 2020.

  • Andrea Casarrubios, cello I
  • Andrew Janss, cello II
  • Jacob Fowler, cello III
  • Brook Speltz, cello IV

Scores available here.

*World Premiere

Scottish Chamber Orchestra Cellist Philip Performs Bruch’s Kol Nidrei

Here is an entire concert presented by members of the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. We’ve got the YouTube video set to start at the cello portion of the program, but the entire concert is worth watching.

Be sure to check the comments under the video on YouTube to learn how you can donate to support the Scottish Chamber Orchestra.

CrazyCello Across Greece – “Milo Mou Kokkino”

CrazyCello posted this video earlier this year, and it was circulated on Facebook this past week with the following remarks:

Only positive vibes with a musical journey across Greece with this amazing Greek melody “Milo Mou Kokkino” played by the the best and craziest Greek cello. TURN YOUR SOUND ON and remember…in the end everything will be allright


Nanner Puddin’ – Long Haul Paul with Cellist Michael Ronstadt

Long Haul Paul is a man with an MS diagnosis, a motorcycle, and a million-mile journey. He said:

“I once was told a cure for MS was a million miles away, so I thought I would just go get it and bring it back.”

Here is one of his videos, with cellist Michael Ronstadt. Enjoy.

The String Queens Cellist Élise Sharp Demonstrates How to Spice Up Pachelbel and Beethoven

This is one of the short videos in the mini-lesson series by The Washington Performing Arts Mars Arts D.C. Ensemble-in-Residence, The String Queens.

Cellist Élise Sharp, we agree with your statement at the end of the video!

Cellist Samara Ginsberg Plays 8-Cello Cover of “Chemical Plant Zone” from Sonic The Hedgehog

Here’s the latest from cellist Samara Ginsberg. Enjoy!

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