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Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week – 23 July

Here’s your weekly dose of cello news.

Cello News

The Cellist by Daniel Silva is #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List!

This week’s biggest cello news concerns Daniel Silva’s latest book, The Cellist, released Tuesday, 13 July 2021. This past week Silva appeared on many TV shows, and The Cellist is #1 on the New York Times Best Sellers list.

Click here to watch several interviews with Daniel Silva.

You can read our review here.

KUTV Features The Piano Guys in a Series Called “Pioneers of Progress”

The Piano Guys got their start aiming to sell pianos through YouTube videos. While they did not end up selling pianos this way initially, they gained billions of views and millions of followers. As a result, they have influenced many people to study music, too.

The cellist in The Piano Guys, Steven Sharp Nelson, has 35 cellos! See a few of them in this news story video.

Click here to watch the news feature and read the story by Ron Bird.

New York Times Article: “It’s Never Too Late to Play the Cello”

Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week - 23 July

Vera Jiji, 93, at her home in New York. Justin J Wee for The New York Times

One of the questions we often hear at The Cello Museum is: “Is it too late to play the cello?” A teacher told me I was too old to fully understand the cello when I was at the ripe old age of 13. Thankfully I got a new teacher!

This week’s New York Times article by Alix Strauss, “It’s Never Too Late to Play the Cello,” is part of a new series, and this installment includes a wonderful interview with 93-year-old Vera Jiji, who played the cello as a child and then picked it up again in retirement at the age of 62.

She’s even published a book called Cello Playing for Music Lovers (2007):

Here’s a short excerpt from the interview:

In this second act, what are you most proud of accomplishing?

Writing and publishing “Cello Playing for Music Lovers.” I lived, I died; what did I give the world? This book, which will outlast me. When I’m gone, this will still be here, helping people learn the cello.

What lesson can people learn from your experience?

Don’t say no to yourself.

Enjoy this inspirational interview here.

Rostropovich and His Dogs

Rostropovich and Pooks

Rostropovich and Pooks

This week Opera World featured cellist Mstislav Rostropovich in a series about opera dogs by Diana Burgwyn. Read about Rostropovich, his wife, Galina Vishnevskaya, and his dogs Kuzya and Pooks in this article.

Jeffrey Kim Turned His Creativity from Cello to Bio-Tech

Jeffrey Kim

Jeffrey Kim

Dr. Jeffrey Kim started his career as a cellist, aiming to be a professional musician working in New York. However, after struggling to make ends meet, he turned to a career in the sciences and went on to earn a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Rockefeller University.

On Thursday morning, Kim unveiled his latest project: a synthetic cell company called Slingshot Biosciences that’s been operating under the radar for nearly a decade. And with a fresh $23 million, he’s ready to speed up the tempo.

“I started with music, and then ended up kind of where I am now, but … I can’t pretend to say that it was my goal the entire time.”

Valentino Worlitzsch Appointed as 1st Principal cellist of Leipzig Gewandhausorchester

Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week - 23 July

Valentino Worlitzsch. Photo by Felix Broede

Valentino Worlitzsch leaves his position as principal cellist of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony to take up the post of 1st Principal cellist of the Leipzig Gewandhausorchester.

Congratulations, Valentino Worlitzsch!

Sinéad O’Halloran Appointed as New Cellist of the Marmen Quartet

Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week - 23 July

Formed in 2013 at the Royal College of Music, the London-based Marmen Quartet has recently appointed Sinéad O’Halloran as its new cellist. She said:

“I was incredibly lucky to grow up in an environment where chamber music was the centre of my musical education. I am so delighted to be joining the Marmen Quartet and after such a fun few weeks together I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us!”

She plays a c.1780 Benjamin Banks cello. Congratulations, Sinéad O’Halloran!

Read the full article in The Strad.

Cellist Josh Goldstein is Golf Champ

Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week - 23 July

Josh Goldstein shows off the trophy after winning the Nevada State Amateur Championship at Red Hawk Golf and Resort in Sparks. Photo credit: Carl Tymann, Carl’s Videomations/Courtesy of Nevada State Golf Association

Las Vegas cellist Josh Goldstein and former pro golfer rediscovered his love of golf during the pandemic. During the pandemic, he returned to amateur golf and recently won his first state amateur title.

“I just wanted to have fun and compete again,” he said.

Congratulations and good luck to Josh Goldstein!

Check it Out! Cellos in a Musical Instrument Lending Library

Cellos in a window

Photo by Mak on Unsplash

In Ontario, residents of Prince Edward County can pay a $10 fee for a two-year membership to borrow musical instruments from the Musical Instrument Lending Library (MILL).

They’ve got 1/2, 3/4, and full-size cellos in the collection—search MILL in the library catalog. We hope to hear about more instrument lending libraries in the future.

Read the full article by Liz Zylstra.

Artist Loses Her Life’s Work – and Her Cello – in a Fire

Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week - 23 July

Artworks by Linden Morris Delrio, who lost most of her work to a fire in July.

Visual artist and musician Linden Morris Delrio lost her paintings and musical instruments – including her cello – in a fire in the early morning of 16 July in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. Fortunately, she and her neighbors escaped with their lives, and her partner, Marlowe McConaghy, was at work.

To help Linden and Marlow, go to their GoFundMe.


Cellist Turned Physicist and Computer Specialist Bennett Weaver (9 November 1940 – 14 July 2021)Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week - 23 July

Former child prodigy cellist turned physicist Bennett C. Weaver (9 November 1940 – 14 July 2021) passed away at 80 in Oak Park, IL.

“At age 5, he was introduced to the cello at Interlochen Center for the Arts to keep him occupied while his parents were running the summer theater program. By middle school, he was playing in the University of Florida Symphony Orchestra and as a freshman in high school earned the position of first chair of that university orchestra. His talent as a cellist earned him a scholarship to study music at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania where he studied for a year before returning to Gainesville to study physics at the University of Florida.In lieu of flowers, donations to the Alzheimer’s Association ( are appreciated.

We offer our condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. Rest in peace, Bennett C. Weaver

Biographer Carol Easton (27 September 1933 – 17 July 2021)

Biographer Carol Easton (27 September 1933 – 17 July 2021) passed away last Saturday, at the age of 87, in her home in Venice, CA. She was known among cello lovers as a friend and biographer of Jacqueline du Pré. Easton also wrote biographies of Stan Kenton, Samuel Goldwyn, and Agnes de Mille.

“As Jacqueline du Pré’s friend and, at her request, her biographer, I know that she was neither the saint that the British media made her out to be nor the self-absorbed monstre sacre of her sister’s self-serving book,” Ms. Easton wrote. “Rather, she was achingly human.”

She was born Carol Evelyn Herzenberg and later took her mother’s second husband’s name, Easton.

We offer our condolences to her family and friends. Rest in peace, Carol Easton.

Cellist Mark Criswell Simcox (31 October 1946 – 19 July 2021)Mark Criswell Simcox, Cellist

Cellist Mark Criswell Simcox (31 October 1946 – 19 July 2021) passed away this past Monday in Maineville, Ohio, at 74.

He studied at Oberlin Conservatory and played in the Boston Lyric Opera orchestra for 40 years. He was also the principal cellist of the Boston Classical Orchestra and Alea III, a new music ensemble.  In addition, he played with the Boston Pops, the Boston Ballet Orchestra, and the New York City Opera. He also spent a year in Hawaii, where he was the assistant principal cellist in the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra.

We offer our condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues. Rest in peace, Mark Criswell Simcox.

To send condolences to the family, visit

Podcasts / Broadcasts

Soundcheck – Cellist Mabe Fratti Figures Out Her Driving Forces

Here is the official podcast description:

Guatemalan-born, Mexico City-based cellist, singer, producer, and songwriter Mabe Fratti creates music using electronics, voice, and cello, and the sounds of nature. Fratti has a mighty array of effects, turning the cello into a sound source capable of drone, full feedback squeals, percussive plucky samples, and talks about how she is “addicted to improvisation.” Her latest soundscapey, outer-worldly album is called Será Que Ahora Podremos Entendernos? (Will We be Able to Understand Each Other Now?) and deeply considers the structure and arranging of words and sounds. Mabe Fratti and her trio, sometimes with amps to 11, play remotely from Mexico City.

Set list: “Nadie Sabe,” “Hacia el Vacio,” and “Inicio Vinculo Final”

Mindful, Happy Adults Podcast by Dr. Elisabeth Paige – Carly the Cello Finds Her Forever Family

Carly the Cello Finds Her Forever Family

In this book, written and read by Dr. Elisabeth Paige with illustrations by Zanne deJanvier, Carly the cello begins her journey in a pawn shop with the other unwanted instruments. All she wants is to play beautiful music again. Tune in and see if her wishes are granted.
Music is composed and played by Natalie Hagwood on the cello and Casey Lipska on the string bass. To get copies of this book or the other Pippi and Norman books, email Dr. Gruskin at Please visit my website at

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Performs Robert Schumann’s Cello Concerto with Umberto Clerici

Cellos in the News: Top Stories of the Week - 23 July

Image: Cellist and conductor Umberto Clerici (Photo courtesy of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra)

Deborah Cheetham: Long time living here [String Quartet Version] Robert Schumann: Cello Concerto in A minor, Op. 129
Felix Mendelssohn: Symphony No. 4 in A major, Op. 90 ‘Italian’

Umberto Clerici (cello; conductor)
Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

Recorded live in concert at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre Melbourne on 17 May 2021 by ABC Classic. Producer Duncan Yardley. Engineer Chris Lawson.


Zuill Bailey – Bach Cello Suites

Digital downloads are available now from PS Audio’s Octave Records, and physical media begins shipping on 26 July.

From the PS Audio website:

The Bach Cello Suites, recorded in both two-channel and 5-channel surround in a magnificent live hall in pure DSD is performed by Zuill Bailey, widely considered one of the premiere cellists in the world.

Octave Audiophile Masters bring new music and fresh talent through the highest-quality recordings in high-resolution formats including pure DSD on SACD, DSDDirect Mastered 45-rpm virgin vinyl single-pressings, as well as PCM. Octave Audiophile Master series utilizes the world’s finest studio equipment, based on DSD recording, mixing, and mastering.

2CELLOS – Dedicated

Release date: 17 September 2021

Available for pre-order here.

2CELLOS fans rejoice! Their new album is coming out this September. Three tracks are already available to stream on several platforms, including Amazon Music. Here is a video posted today on YouTube with a track from the new album, showing them re-visiting their videos from the past 10 years.

Frederick Zlotkin – J.S. Bach Cello Suites 1-6 with Embellishments

Release date 17 September 2021

Frederick Zlotkin Bach Suites album cover

Available for pre-order here.


The Piano Guys – “Anyone” by Justin Bieber (Cello and Piano Cover)

Tomohiko Ohyama – Bach Cello Suite No. 6 Allemande

Michael G. Ronstadt – Cello Hacks Episode 3: Fingerpicking Cello like a Guitar / “Dust in the Wind” / “Blackbird”

Musica Dolce – Bach and Grieg

  • Theodore Mook, cello
  • Paul Rosenbloom, piano

Chock Full O’Bach – Prelude to Bach Cello Suite No. 2: Kendall Gonzales

Chock Full O’Bach – Prelude to Bach Cello Suite No. 3: Lillian Yim

Auri Forda – “Scarborough Fair”

Kaitlin Findlay – “Always with Me” Spirited Away (Cello Cover)

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