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Curator’s Corner: August 2021

August at The Cello Museum

What’s happening this month at The Cello Museum? Find out here.

August Curator's Corner Image with little girl painting "Cello August" and the sun in yellow paint with a cello in the background

Thank you for joining us at The Cello Museum! It’s August, and we have a busy month ahead of us.

A New “Wing” in our Virtual Museum – Cello Birthdays

Cellist Birthdays 1 August

This month we launched our new series celebrating Cello Birthdays, highlighting the birthdays of cellists, cello makers, composers of music played by cellists, and those with a strong tie to the cello world.

Up to this point, we posted our tributes on social media platforms, but this meant our non-social media cello friends did not see them. So, going forward, we will post the day’s birthdays on our site and a link to this page on Facebook and Twitter. We hope this way everyone can celebrate the lives of cellists and composers of cello music.

The Cellist’s Notebook by Kittie Lambton

As a follow-up to our July Cello Book Club meeting, we’ll take a closer look at this feel-good novella in a review, so check back with us throughout August.

Our Contest is Open through 15 August

The Cellist's Notebook by Kittie Lambton being held by a young woman and an old green notebook. This image is for our contest to compose the fragment of music that Emily found in the notebook in this book.

Last month we met with award-winning author, Kittie Lambton, to discuss The Cellist’s Notebook. This month the fun continues: we are running a contest to compose the engaging musical fragment portrayed in this book! Click here for details.

Bow History – Part 2

cello bow on sheet music

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

Later this month, we are looking forward to the next installment of our bow history series, “New Inventions – and a Trip to England,” by our Bow Specialist, Andrew Bellis.

This month he gives us more information about bow-making materials and explains how Italian-born violinist, Giovanni Battista Viotti (12 May 1755 – 3 March 1824), influenced the evolution of the modern cello bow.

Bantock’s “Sapphic Poem”

Drawing of Granville Bantock

Granville Bantock. By an unknown artist – NYPL Digital Gallery, Public Domain.

This month we celebrate the birthday of Sir Granville Ransome Bantock (7 August 1868 – 16 October 1946), who wrote no fewer than ten works for the cello and whose fame rivaled that of Elgar. Our Cello Music Editions Specialist, Dr. Yuriy Leonovich, will discuss Bantock’s “Sapphic Poem.”

That’s What She Said . . . Unaccompanied Works for Cello by Women Composers

We also look forward to continuing this series by cellist and women’s music specialist Erica Lessie. Each month she features three pieces in the form of short, digital postcards. These postcards are for cellists in search of new repertoire and for listeners eager to discover new additions to their playlists.

Erica’s July postcards featured works by Erica Lessie, Liz Davis Maxfield, and Hilary Tann.

If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check out previous installments of “That’s What She Said.” Interested in having your piece featured? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to work with you.

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