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Curator’s Corner: June 2024

June at the Cello Museum

What’s happening this month at the Cello Museum? Find out here.

June 2024 Curator's Corner

June is here, bringing with it the Cello Museum’s first in-person event: the Bethany Beach Cellofest, in Bethany Beach, Delaware. We also have some wonderful interviews and other features online this month.

This will be our last Curator’s Corner, at least for a while. We are transitioning from a weekly to a monthly email newsletter; starting in July, the newsletter will take on the role of my usual Curator’s Corner. However, instead of being a preview of what’s to come, it will be a round-up of what’s happened. If you are not a subscriber and want to learn about all of our activities via our newsletter rather than the Curator’s Corner series, please sign up here.

Bethany Beach Cellofest 2024

If you are in the area, I hope to see you at our Bethany Beach Cellofest. Our Cellofest events include two programs at the South Coastal Library by Erica Lessie, a cello ensemble performance with soloist Jennifer Kloetzel on the boardwalk, a cello ensemble program at the nature center, and a final concert and church service at St. Martha’s Episcopal Church.

The wonderful Bethany Beach Books has generously donated two gift baskets that we will giveaway during this year’s Cellofest. Enter for a chance to win by attending one or more events and then coming to our Boardwalk concert on 13 June. Further details to follow on social media and at the events. Enormous thanks to Bethany Beach Books for their generosity!

Bethany Beach Books Kids Gift Basket

Bethany Beach Books Adult Gift Basket

This is our first in-person Cello Museum event, and we’ve had a lot of help getting this festival launched. We are grateful to our sponsors for this inaugural Bethany Beach Cellofest! Please help us celebrate our generous sponsors.

Cellofest 7-16 June 2024 Sponsors


New York Women Composers Spotlight: Patricia Leonard

NYWC Spotlight on Patricia Leonard

We showcase one New York Women Composers (NYWC) member who has composed music for the cello in the second week of every month. In June, we spotlight Patricia Leonard and her work Strangely Close Yet Distant for viola, cello, and piano.

While you wait, you can revisit or catch up on the other articles in the series.

The Latest Discoveries of Dr. Yuriy Leonovich

Yuriy Leonovich

Later this month, we’re thrilled to feature an interview with the multifaceted cellist, composer, and music editor, Dr. Yuriy Leonovich. In our conversation, Dr. Leonovich discusses his recent projects and shares exciting updates on his upcoming performances, and his new editions. Dr. Leonovich’s insights into the world of classical music are not to be missed.

While you wait, you can read his interview from earlier in the year, a conversation with him about the Servais Urtext project from last autumn, or his articles here.

Meet Cellist and Music Engraver, Michele Galvagno

Michele Galvagno

Later this month, we will feature an interview with Michele Galvagno, a distinguished cellist, music engraver, and teacher. Michele shares his journey to becoming a renowned expert in music notation and publishing.

Learn about his stunning editions and his innovative approach to integrating technology into the world of music. Stay tuned for this interview with one of the Cello Museum’s favorite engravers.

Postcards from Erica – Asian Composers Series

Postcards from Erica June 2024

This month Erica Lessie will send us the fourth installment in her series featuring unaccompanied cello works by Asian composers in the last week of June.

Want more music while you wait? You can explore her postcards spotlighting Hispanic and Latino/Latina composers, postcards highlighting works by Black composers, her series presenting women composers, or revisit all of her postcards.

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