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Curator’s Corner: March 2024

March at the Cello Museum

What’s happening this month at the Cello Museum? Find out here.

March 2024 at the Cello Museum

March is here, bringing a change of seasons, new articles, and new courses at the Cello Museum. Read on for a preview of what we’ve got planned this month.

New at the Cello Guild – Move & Breathe

If I could have added any subject to my cello studies, it would have been this course. For me, this course covers a topic I didn’t even know I needed – until decades after I finished my degrees and started wellness classes at One of the fantastic teachers there is Dr. Jimmy Brennan, whose stretching, breathing, and meditation classes have become a favorite part of my week. And now he’s designed Move and Breathe – a course specifically for musicians offered at the Cello Guild.

Not sure about what to expect? Join Jimmy for a free introductory live Zoom session on 24 March to learn how this training could benefit you. Because this mind-body training meets each person where they are, it is suitable for musicians of all levels. I hope to see you th,ere!

Also, be sure to sign up for the Cello Museum’s first in-person summer program, the Bethany Beach Cellofest! Join soloist an chamber musician, Jennifer Kloetzel, for this intense but non-competitive program designed for adults—amateurs and educators alike. The focus is unaccompanied works by women, cello ensemble playing, wellness, and family time at the beach.

New York Women Composers Spotlight: Nika Leoni

NYWC Spotlight March 2024

We showcase one New York Women Composers (NYWC) member who has composed music for the cello in the second week of every month. This month, we spotlight Nika Leoni and her work, Prelude for cello and piano.

Catch up on the other articles in the series.

Gill Tennant: Bridging Connections through Ukrainian Cello Music

Gill Ukraine Update

As we mark the anniversary of the war in Ukraine, Gill Tennant shares a poignant journey of music and solidarity. From her family’s historical escape to her deep-seated connection with Ukrainian culture, Gill’s arrangements of cello music become a beacon of hope and understanding. Discover how Ukrainian folk and Christmas songs on the cello are not just performances but acts of remembrance and support, bridging hearts and histories in a time of conflict.

Stay tuned for the full article coming later this month, offering downloadable sheet music and an in-depth look at Gill’s inspiring story and her contributions to cultural and humanitarian efforts.

Postcards from Erica – New Series!

Postcards from Erica

In the last week of March, Erica Lessie will send us the first installment in her new series featuring unaccompanied cello works by Asian composers. While you wait, you can explore her postcards spotlighting Hispanic and Latino/Latina composers, postcards highlighting works by Black composers, her series presenting women composers, or revisit all of her postcards.

Final Call for Simple Gifts Cello Project Videos


Simple Gifts Project for Rise Against Hunger

This is the final call for videos for our Simple Gifts Cello Project to support the charity Rise Against Hunger. Cellists of all levels (from beginners through professionals) are invited to participate.

There is no fee to take part, but we suggest that everyone who takes part donates directly to Rise Against Hunger. Gather your friends and family in a team to support your participation in the project through donations to Rise Against Hunger.

Get all the information here. If you have questions, please send us a message.

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