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Curator’s Corner: May 2022

May at the Cello Museum

What’s happening this month at the Cello Museum? Find out here.

May 2022 Curator's Corner (Twitter Post)

Thank you for joining us at the Cello Museum. It’s May, and we’ve got a very busy month! In addition to our usual fare of interviews and articles, we are launching two new programs – one as a resource specifically for cellists and the other to support our work here at the Cello Museum.

May the 4th Be with You

Cello Star Wars

I always look forward to May the 4th. Not only is it the birthday of some special people in my life, but also it is Star Wars Day, which means the posting of new cello videos on the topic. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites. What’s yours?

New York Women Composers Spotlight: Julia Barry

Julia Barry

Julia Barry. Photo courtesy Julia Barry.

Every month we celebrate women making history through our collaboration with the New York Women Composers (NYWC). In the second week of May 2022, we feature composer Julia Barry and her unaccompanied cello work, “The Field.”

Don’t miss the other articles in the series.

An Interview with Cellist and Composer India Yeshe Gailey

India Yeshe Gailey

India Yeshe Gailey. Photo by Zach Bachand.

One of the joys of my job is discovering new cellists, cellos, and cello music. This month, we spoke with talented cellist and composer (also poet, visual artist, and meditation facilitator), India Yeshe Gailey, to learn more about their album, to you through, that’s coming out this month.

An Interview with Cellist Catherine Black

Catherine Black

Catherine Black. Photo courtesy Catherine Black.

Many of you may already know the work of the wonderful Catherine Black! She is a cellist, teacher, and writer who runs online and in-person courses. She is passionate about introducing cellists to music outside the usual scope of our repertoire – masterpieces from different eras and genres. Even in her online workshops, two of which I was fortunate to attend, she gives careful attention to each person and how they work best.

This month, Catherine kindly granted the Cello Museum an interview, and I’m very excited to announce that she will be playing an important role in our new Cello Guild.

Music for Cello and Organ for Wedding Season

Cello and Organ

It’s that time of year again; flowers are blooming, and love is in the air. With the world opening up more and more, we are also seeing a return to in-person weddings. One challenge faced by many cellists – and brides – is choosing cello music that works with an organ rather than the piano.

Fortunately, our fabulous intern, cellist Jonathan Simmons, has experience with cello and organ repertoire, and he’s got an excellent article for us later this month on this subject.

Postcards from Erica – Unaccompanied Cello Works by Black Composers Series

Postcards from Erica May 2022

Erica Lessie is sending us another installment in her series of postcards featuring unaccompanied cello works by Black composers. Check out her previous postcards here.

Are you interested in having your piece featured in this or a future series? Please get in touch with us – we’d be happy to hear from you.

Ukrainian National Anthem Cello Project in The Strad

Ukrainian National Anthem Cello Project CM 2 (600 × 400 px) (1)

We were honored to learn the Cello Museum’s heartfelt musical message of global peace, the Ukrainian National Anthem Cello Project video, was featured in an article in The Strad.

The video will continue to be available on the Cello Museum’s YouTube channel, so please share the information across your networks to help amplify this call for peace. If you haven’t read it yet, we encourage you to read the story of Ukrainian cellist, Vlad Primakov, and donate to a charity supporting those affected as you are able. Thank you.


The Cello Museum Founders

We are excited to announce our Founders Campaign! Our goal has always been to bring materials and resources for learning about cellos and cello music to everyone who loves the cello, free of cost. Since late 2019, we’ve been operating through volunteer work, the kind support of a few private backers, and generous donations. Since that time, we have added several select advertisers, affiliate programs, and our online museum shop. Unfortunately, at this time, none of our writers are paid.

We have big plans to grow the Cello Museum, but even with me working (more than) full time each week, we’ve had to cut back on some areas.

Now, it’s time to change that. We are building a Cello Guild (see below) to provide cellists with a library of digital resources. However, we need administrative and technical support to achieve this goal and continue running the Cello Museum.

So, later this month, we are launching our Founders Campaign. More details will follow. We are excited about inviting you to join us in becoming a Cello Museum Founder.

The Cello Guild – Fret Not, Dear Cellist

The Cello Guild

While the Cello Museum is for cellists and non-cellists alike – anyone who loves the cello – the Cello Guild is being built as a global, online resource for cellists. Inspired by the virtual Choir School at Sing the North, we have decided to create a place where cello students can learn more and augment their regular studies and even amateur and professional cellists can find supplemental resources that will help them reach the next level.

The Cello Guild already has several short video courses in the works. In addition, we are building an online library and a Cello Guild store to provide cellists with a reliable resource for finding supplies, sheet music, and cello books.

In the summers and throughout the year (mainly over holiday breaks), the Guild will offer short courses online. This July and August, we begin with four courses designed especially for adult cello students in a series taught by our very own Erica Lessie (of Postcards from Erica) called “Fret Not, Dear Cellist.” These courses cover cello positions and offer options for face-to-face online learning, anonymous watch-only participants, and, particularly for our friends spread around the world in different time zones, an opportunity for asynchronous learning.

We will post details, and a sign-up form for the Fret Not classes soon. Please watch for announcements on social media and in our weekly newsletter.

Sign-up for more information

Winners of Our Amit Peled CD Giveaway Prize Drawing

Amit Peled Giveaway Prize Winners

Last month, we gave readers a chance to win a copy of Amit Peled’s Solus Et Una CD and a cello bridge tote bag. In addition, two runners-up each won a cello bridge sticker. The prize drawings were held on 29 April 2022.

Thank you to everyone who entered. Congratulations to our winner and runners-up:

  • Winner of the CD and tote bag: Martha Vallon, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Runners-up
    • Margaret Laing, Chicago, IL
    • Nina Lucia Perina, Tisno, Croatia

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