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Curator’s Corner: November 2020

November at The Cello Museum

What’s happening this month at The Cello Museum? Find out here.

November Cello

Thank you for joining us at The Cello Museum. Here are the highlights of what’s happening in November.

Happy Birthday, Bernhard Romberg!

Bernhard Romberg

During his birthday month, we remember Bernhard Romberg (11 November 1767 – 13 August 1841), a contemporary of Beethoven.

E. T. A. Hoffmann said of Romberg:

He has complete power over the instrument or, rather, the instrument itself, with its force and grace, with its rare wealth of sound becomes part of the artist, and without any expense of mechanical force conveys all that the soul is feeling.*

What are your favorite works by Romberg?

Current Exhibition

Yamashita Kogyosho Aluminum Cello

Yamashita Kogyosho Aluminum Cellos. Exhibition: Innovations in Cello-Making Materials.

Have you visited our online cello exhibition? Innovations in Cello-Making Materials explores the creative and technical experimentation of artists, luthiers, and engineers with materials beyond the standard spruce, maple, poplar, and ebony found in most cellos.

The exhibition includes instruments from the 18th through the 21st centuries of metal, glass, ice, plastic, and fiber. The construction of cellos included here was influenced by seemingly unlikely sources, including blacksmiths, boat builders, and – like the cellos shown above – bullet trains.

If you have or know of any cellos or cello-related materials that you think should be included in this or future exhibitions, please contact us. We plan to create new exhibitions roughly every six months.

An Inside Look at The First Hour Online Journey with Amit Peled

Amit Peled - The First Hour
A frequently asked question in many online forums is some variation of – what should I practice every day – or how should I organize my practice time? When we saw Amit Peled’s book and his 7-week course, The First Hour Online Journey, we thought we might get some answers.

We were also intrigued by Professor Peled’s unique cello emoji.

Amit Peled Cello Emoji

He was kind enough to open his doors to us, and next week we will tell you about his course – from an insider’s view.

Spoiler: we were amazed at the results and highly recommend his course. Fortunately, Professor Peled is offering another session starting on 5 December. Be sure to add it to your holiday gift wishlist for cellists in your life.

Find out more and register here.

Postcards from Erica

Postcards from Erica

Every month cellist and women’s music specialist Erica Lessie features three pieces in the form of short, digital postcards. These postcards are for cellists looking for new repertoire and for listeners wanting to learn about new pieces.

Later this month we will get the next postcards from Erica.

If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to check out the previous installments of “That’s What She Said.” Interested in having your piece featured? Please contact us.

Online Fiddle Program – for Cellists: Fiddle Hell

Fiddle Hell Festival

Interested in playing fiddle music? Fiddle Hell has a great program for cellists as well as fiddlers and other instrumentalists.

Mainly a listener? There are concerts and jam sessions you can attend as well.

There are still spots left, and they have a wonderful line-up for cellists. We plan to review this program in the future, but don’t miss the program this month. It starts Thursday.

Find out more and register here.

Thank You

Thank you!

Thank you for joining us here and on social media. Thank you for the many encouraging messages. Since our opening, we’ve grown our following on Facebook to nearly 12k. You inspire us, and we are grateful to you.

We look forward to sharing the journey ahead with you as The Cello Museum grows and evolves.

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*History of the Violoncello by Lev Ginsburg (1983-04-03)