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Curator’s Corner: October 2020

October at The Cello Museum

What’s happening this month at The Cello Museum? Find out here.

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Thank you for joining us at The Cello Museum. Here are the highlights of what’s happening this month.

Happy Birthday, Yo-Yo Ma!

Yo-Yo Ma CDs, LPs, DVDs, etc.

Today is Yo-Yo Ma’s birthday, and we wish him a very happy birthday and many happy returns. For many of us, Yo-Yo Ma has been a part of our cello journey from the very beginning. He is the yardstick by which many a young cellist has been measured both technically and musically and is arguably the most famous cellist of our time.

For many of us, achieving such technical proficiency and musical ability would have been enough, but Ma uses his abilities as a cellist to build bridges between people; to help us rise above differences in nationality, culture, religion, and political beliefs; and to discover the commonality in our greater humanity.

He has brought us joy, served as an ambassador of peace, and comforted the world during times of tragedy. To Mr. Ma, we say a heartfelt – Thank you!

Everyone be sure to wish him a very happy birthday today. We will feature him in an article later this month.


Exhibition Opening: 16 October

Glass Fiber Cello by Tim Duerinck

One of the Instruments Featured in Our Upcoming Exhibition: Glass Fiber Cello by Tim Duerinck.

Innovations in Cello-Making Materials explores the creative and technical experimentation of artists, luthiers, and engineers with materials beyond the standard spruce, maple, poplar, and ebony found in most cellos. The exhibition includes instruments from the 18th through the 21st centuries of metal, glass, ice, plastic, and fiber.

This exhibition will open on Friday, the 16th of October.

If you have or know of any cellos or cello-related materials that you think should be included in this or future exhibitions, please contact us. We plan to create new exhibitions roughly every six months.


Book Review

How many of you read about cellos and cellists when you are not playing and/or listening to the cello? We love cello books and are always looking for new works to read and review.

This month we are reviewing Maureen and Leora O’Carroll’s book, Maureen O’Carroll: A Musical Memoir of an Irish Immigrant Childhood.

Have a book you’d like us to review or feature? Please contact us. Review copies gratefully accepted.


Postcards from Erica

Postcard from Erica

Every month cellist and women’s music specialist Erica Lessie features three pieces in the form of short, digital postcards. These postcards are for cellists looking for new repertoire and for listeners wanting to learn about new pieces.

This month, Erica will feature unaccompanied cello pieces by composers Wanda Sobieska, Rain Worthington, Elizabeth Knudson.

If you missed it, be sure to check out September’s “That’s What She Said.” Interested in having your piece featured? Please contact us.


Celebrate with Us and Enter to Win Cello Merch


This Friday, 9 October, is the fourth of our four, random prize drawings celebrating our grand opening last month. This week we are giving away a 17-CD set of recordings by Jacqueline du Pré!

Please join our mailing list for details on how to enter. Other prizes this week include a cello case sticker and a laptop sticker.


Thank You

Thank You in Scrabble Letters

Thank you for joining us here and on social media. Since our opening, we’ve grown our following on Facebook to over 10k. Your engagement inspires us, and we are grateful to you.

We look forward to sharing the journey ahead with you as The Cello Museum grows and evolves.

Your Turn

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