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Finding the Perfect Cello Chair

If you are an average-height adult, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about chairs. I am one of those lucky people who can grab just about any chair and plop down with my cello. But I frequently change out chairs for my students, as they range in height from small children to tall adults.

Cello Chairs for Tall Adults and Teens

Adjustable Piano Bench

Let’s start with chairs for tall adults. If I am lucky enough to be in a studio with an adjustable piano bench, this is my first choice. They are stable and have a wide height range but are terrible to carry around—they are heavy! If a piano bench is unavailable, I sometimes stack chairs, which is not ideal for stability. I have also resorted to shoving various blocks of wood under chair legs.

Portable Cello Chairs for Tall Folks

drum throne

For those of you who need a portable chair, I have four options:

  1. The first is to find an adjustable keyboard stool. They range from $30-$100. I cannot recommend a particular model, as I rescued mine from the trash heap!
  2. The second is to use a drum throne, which can range from $70-$380.
  3. If you don’t want to spend money and are handy, you can make some wood blocks to fit under the chair legs. Make sure to chisel out the middle of the block so that your chair legs don’t slide off the blocks. (If you’d rather purchase some ready-made blocks, you can find a number of examples.)
  4. The final option is to purchase an AdjustRite Tall Musician’s Chair. The AdjustRite is also available for the average height adult.

Chairs for Children and Shorter Adults

Now, onto chairs for children and shorter adults. I have a collection of odd stools and chairs that I found in secondhand shops. Traditionally, child-size adjustable chairs have been quite expensive. Recently, though, that problem was solved! Students began showing up with telescoping plastic stools.


For about $20, you can purchase a lightweight, folding, adjustable stool. I love these! I leave one in the car for teaching. They fit small children up to adults about 5ft 6in tall. Just make sure that all of the locks are engaged before you sit! I believe the model I own has been discontinued, but here is a similar model.

If you prefer not to use a retractable stool, another option is the AdjustRite children’s stool for $75.

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