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House of Music Discussion

May 2021 Cello Book Club

This is the page for book club members to discuss this month’s title:

Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason: House of Music: Raising the Kanneh-Masons

As May is the month of Mother’s Day in the USA, we chose House of Music: Raising the Kanneh-MasonsWe are thrilled to have the author and amazing mother (and so much more!), Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason, join us for an online book club meeting on 23 May 2021 at 7 PM London / 2 PM New York / 11 AM Los Angeles.

House of Music is a moving and inspirational account of determination, music and love. It is a story about race, immigration and education. It is the story of a mother and her family. And it is the story of her children, seven phenomenally talented musicians.

For the first time, Kadie Kanneh-Mason opens up about what it takes to raise a musical family in a Britain divided by class and race.

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    Ann Sieber says:

    I tried to subscribe to the book club mailing list, but the Subscribe link doesn’t seem to be working! Thanks for your help – I know the discussion is about to begin. If I could join it, I would really be happy. 🙂

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    Ann Sieber says:

    Hello how do join the book discussion today about House of Music?
    Thank you, Ann

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