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Inspired by Paola Beals – The Deaf Cellist

Meet Paola Beals

Paola Beals, playing at Fort Pickens, Pensacola, FL.

Paola Beals is an avid adult amateur cellist. She also happens to be deaf. Her love for the cello is inspiring, and the Cello Museum is thrilled to share her story in this interview.

As the Cello Museum curator, I had the great fortune to interview Paola in 2022 with the assistance of Paola’s husband, Douglas Beals, as an interpreter. (My knowledge of ASL sadly only extends to the words for elephant and baby from my elementary school ASL unit, so – thank you, Doug!)

Paola is an inspiration to anyone who wants to start playing the cello or pursue their dreams in other areas. Despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Paola has persisted and continues to work to bring more music into the world. Her love of music and refusal to give up on her dreams is profoundly moving.

Get ready to be inspired.

The Cello Song – Again and Again

She was first drawn to the cello after watching a Piano Guys video. She watched the video on YouTube again and again.

She has now met the Piano Guys on at least two occasions, one of which you’ll see in the interview video below.

Encouraging Others

Even after naysayers told her it was impossible for her to learn music, Paola brings positivity to the world, sharing her message:

“I am Deaf, I can do it and you can do it. I love cello ♥️🤟🏼🥰🎶”

Interview with Paola Beals


Metal Print of Paola Beals Trademark

Paola kindly donated this fantastic 11″ x 14″ metal print with her cello love trademark design which cleverly combines the ASL sign for “love” (🤟🏼) with the word “cello.” We held a prize drawing on Valentine’s Day, and the winner is Anonymous from Idaho. Congratulations!

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How to Follow and Support Paola Beals

  • Get T-shirts and more with Paola’s trademark, combining the ASL sign for “love” and the word “cello” from her online shop.
  • YouTube
  • Facebook

Thank you!

Thank you to Douglas Beals for interpreting in the interview and via phone.

Your Turn

Tells us who or what inspires you to play the cello.