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Life, Death and Cellos Discussion

January 2021 Cello Book Club

This is the page for book club members to discuss this month’s title:

Isabel Rogers: Life, Death and Cellos

The title says it all – Life, Death and Cellos. This is the best title for any cello fiction we’ve ever read. This book made us laugh out loud, and we are thrilled that author, Isabel Rogers has agreed to talk with us online on 31 January 2021, at 8 PM GMT.

BONUS: We will be doing a random prize drawing for autographed copies of the three books in this series. Thank you, Isabel Rogers, for this wonderful prize giveaway. We will do the drawing during the meeting on 31 January.

Contact us if you want to enter for a chance to win in the giveaway drawing. Please include the name you will allow us to publicize if you are a winner.

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  1. Reply
    Bruce Greenberg says:

    I began playing cello 3 years ago at age 67. I finished reading your book yesterday and loved it. Having never played in an orchestra I was captivated by your description of the dynamics between the different instrument sections. It inspires me to join our community orchestra. Who knows, maybe someone will pop up with a Strad.

  2. Reply
    Isabel Rogers says:

    I’m looking forward to this! Yes, I am a cellist (started aged 9, having given up the violin aged 4). Also a horn player for a while. And a soprano. And a terrific eater of biscuits (cookies). It will be lovely to meet you all on Sunday.

  3. Reply
    Curator, Brenda Neece says:

    Does anyone have questions for the meeting this coming Sunday? If so, please email me or respond here. I’m really looking forward to our discussion with Isabel Rogers!

  4. Reply
    Judy says:

    I did plenty of time in community orchestras and never got a drink or a snack. Must be a British thing.

    • Reply
      Curator, Brenda Neece says:

      Yes. I remember having tea or coffee and biscuits during breaks sometimes when I lived in Oxford. One orchestra I’ve played with in NC provided players with lunches on the days we did school programs. That was very kind of them. We also got food at a pops concert on a farm – but we had to purchase our own there.

  5. Reply
    Curator, Brenda Neece says:

    How many of you have been in a community orchestra or choir? I was the youngest member of our local symphony from age 16. Unfortunately, we did not get coffee and cookies (biscuits) during our breaks. We did, however, get free drinks at our pops concert. That was interesting.

  6. Reply
    Jane says:

    I have to ask- Is the author a cellist (or string player)?

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