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Mellow Cello Discussion

September 2021 Cello Book Club

This is the page for book club members to discuss this month’s title:

Gill Tennant – Mellow Cello: A Collection of Short Stories for Cellists

We are thrilled to have cellist, composer, and author, Gill Tennant join us for an online book club meeting on 26 September 2021 at 7 PM London / 2 PM New York / 11 AM Los Angeles.

From the author:

After being forced to stop playing cello, I began inventing stories about and for cellists. A few have a humorous link to the instrument. Others are about the players, the music, or the inspiration behind both.

The timespan is more than the entire span of the existence of the cello as an instrument. Some concern its development from its roots in Italy. A number include a great deal of musical history, some none. Sometimes the edges between fiction and fact are juxtaposed.

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