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Online Cello Events – 15 July

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Founders Campaign


  • $5 – Pau Casals Coloring Page
  • $25 – Professionally digitally restored photograph of Pau Casals ready to print.
  • $100 – Name on Founders Cello. This is the first level where you are considered a Cello Museum Founder.
  • $250 – Founders T-Shirt or Mug + Name on Founders Cello
  • $500 – Phone Case (iPhone or Samsung) or Athletic Shorts (or Swim Trunks) + Name on Founders Cello
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  • $2,500 – A 90-minute Zoom Lecture/Recital by Erica Lessie and Brenda Neece + Your Choice of Previous Perks + Name on Founders Cello
  • $10,000 – A 20″ x 24” Mixed Media Portrait (like the one of Jeremy Montagu) + Your Choice of Previous Museum Shop Perks + Name on Founders Cello

The Cello Guild Courses

Asynchronous classes are still available!

Fret Not, Dear Cellist: Classes specifically for adult students

The Cello Guild

This July and August, we begin with four courses designed especially for adult cello students in a series taught by our very own Erica Lessie (of Postcards from Erica) called “Fret Not, Dear Cellist.” These courses cover cello positions and offer options for face-to-face online learning, anonymous watch-only participants, and, particularly for our friends spread around the world in different time zones, an opportunity for asynchronous learning.

Sign up here.

Online Concerts

19 July at 7 PM EST

Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Virtual Concert

Join us on Sunday, July 19, 2020 7:00 P.M. for a live stream on our Youtube page.


Suite No. 1 for Unaccompanied Cello, BMV 1007*
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)
Han Lee, cello

String Quartet No. 16 in E-flat major, K. 428 **
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)
Minuetto: Allegro
Juliette Greer, Camille Poirier-LaChance, violin; Linda Numagami, viola; Raphael Boden, cello

Baroque Suite for Unaccompanied Cello (Nov. 5, 1964 – Jan. 11, 1965) dedicated to Kermit Moore *
Dorothy Rudd Moore (b. 1940)
I. Allegro
II. Molto adagio
III. Allegro vivace
Drew Dansby

Duo for Violin and Cello *
Jessie Montgomery (b. 1981)
Kun Yan, violin; Drew Dansby, cello

Duo for Violin and Cello *
Zoltan Kodaly (1882-1967)
Allegro serioso, non troppo
Kun Yan, violin; Drew Dansby, cello

String Quartet, op. 3 ***
Alban Berg (1885-1935)
Ravenna Lipchick, Brian Hong, violin; Kim Uwate, viola; Alex Hersh, cello

String Quartet No. 12 in E-flat major, op. 127 **
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Adagio ma non troppo e molto cantabile
Sean Lim, Minji Lee, violin; Lydia Grimes, viola; Yifei Li, cello

String Quartet No 14 in C-sharp minor, op. 131***
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
V. Presto
VI. Adagio quasi poco andante
VII. Allegro
Wyatt Underhill, Katherine Liccardo, violin; Marta Lambert, viola; Seth Biagini, cello

* 2020 Young Artist Performance
** 2019 Young Artist Performance
*** 2014 Young Artist Performance

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Stay in touch with us all summer by using the hashtag #VirtualKneisel2020 – even though we can’t be together in person we’ll stay connected through Virtual Kneisel!

24 July at 7:40-9:40 CET

Eurovision Young Musicians 2022

Online Cello Events – 15 July

WDR, the German national broadcaster, has confirmed that they will broadcast Eurovision Young Musicians 2022 on a delay.

Eurovision Young Musicians 2022 will be broadcast to German audiences on WDR from 07:40 to 09:40 CET on July 24. WDR are the second participating broadcaster to confirm that they will broadcast the contest on delay. ORF, the Austrian national broadcaster, will also broadcast the contest on delay.

Philipp Schupelius will represent Germany at Eurovision Young Musicians 2022. The 19-year-old cellist comes from Berlin and has already participated in several international music competitions, most recently the Queen Elisabeth Competition in Brussels.

Watch live of WDR here.

Online Programs and Events

16 July at 2 PM BST

Opening the Practice Toolbox with Gisela Meyer

Online Cello Events - 8 April

About this event

  • Do you feel you are spending a lot of time practicing with little result?
  • Are you stuck learning a particular piece or passage?
  • Can you “sort of “play – or sing – your repertoire, you feel that there is more to be discovered and want to know what to do next?
  • Don’t wait until you are frustrated and ready to start a bonfire with your music –join this 2-hour online workshop instead!
  • Suitable for all musicians who work from sheet music.
  • Saturday, once monthly, 11.00-13.00* Online platform: Zoom
  • Schedule:
  • Introduction and presentation of general methods – the three stages of practice 10-15 mins
  • Individual sessions masterclass style (active participants) 15 – 20 mins each
  • Q&A 15 mins

Prices: Active participant** £15 Passive participant £ 5*A minimum of three active participants is necessary to run the workshop. If no more than three sign up, the workshop will only run for approximately 1.5 hours.**Active participants: Please be prepared to perform a piece or part of a piece, ca 2 mins in length (or shorter), and send me a scan of the sheet music – with bar numbers marked in – prior to the workshop, so I can share it with the group.

27 July at 11 AM PDT

Cello Summit

Online Cello Events – 15 July

Free Cello Summit. Wednesday, July 27th at 11am PDT. Come play a Scottish Air and ditch your frustrations and have some fun with this lovely instrument we play!.
Frustrated with your cello playing? Sounding kind of scratchy and tinny? Create your own unique version of a lovely Scottish Air with Cello Guru Marcie Brown in the Free Wednesday Afternoon Cello Summit. Wednesday, July 27th at 11am PDT. Finally learn to make your creative dreams come true. ( Don’t worry- you will be on mute so no one will hear you except your dog!) Reserve your seat here:

1-5 August

2022 Iconnect PRogram

Online Cello Events – 22 April

Virtual Program:

August 1st–5th, 2022

Minimum Level: Intermediate (Breval Sonata in C Major, Op. 40 or equivalent).

There is no maximum level, and advanced students are welcome.

Platform: Zoom

Tuition: $150

The virtual iConnect experience will include daily private lessons with ICI staff instructors, group classes, and a masterclass with a guest clinician. Additionally, students will have complimentary access to livestream broadcasts of ICI masterclasses and recitals presented by world-class cellists, and opportunities for online social interaction and mentorship with older ICI students.

Click here for more information and to apply.

1-7 August 2022


Online Cello Events – 11 February

The 4th WALTHAM FOREST CELLO FEST 2022 in London invites you to the CELLO ACADEMY Online Summer Cello Master Classes via Zoom / Skype.

Individual Online Cello Lessons will take place daily from Monday 1st August till Sunday 7th August 2022 @ cca 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (cca 55 minutes slots), online via Zoom or Skype.



Book your One-to-One Cello OnLine Summer Course now (limited number of accepted students). It includes FINAL online performance meeting.

All ages (4-99), levels (Initial Grade, Grades 1-8) and abilities (beginner, student, advanced) are welcome!

For more details follow #WFCF22 @WalhamForestCelloFest, book your course and visit

17 September, 10 December

Online Timeline Series – Cellist Catherine Black

Unsung Heroes Online timeline series

We all want to be as rounded a musician as possible and that’s a pretty big ask. We all have our preferences, and the groups & orchestras we play in, take us down certain paths which enrich and educate us, but sometimes we find a hole in our knowledge!

The Online Time Line Series has really found a place in your lives. Join us to learn more about a remarkable piece of music, its composer, an era, its style that may otherwise have passed you by. Musical architecture, polyphony, phrasing, the place of music in society are all a part of this quest for a better understanding and roundedness.

We will play, discuss & explore from your – the player’s point of view – a particular piece of music from the wide library of Unsung Heroes Cello Ensemble scores. These now range from Josquin and John Taverner (1490–1545), through to Tchaikovsky & Elgar and far into the twentieth century.

Though there are some restrictions online, we can all play using the mute button, though not as a group. This is an exciting opportunity for players to have the chance to play as many parts as they wish as we play together.

You may want to bring a notebook too and I do send out further notes to help you continue the development after the class. I see this as a massive opportunity for us to do detailed work that really moves you on, because we have these apparent restrictions.

Just a thought: you may think a particular composer, (say Josquin for instance) isn’t for you. Don’t rule things out too easily as all these people, whose music I want to share with you, have so much light to shine for us. As cellists, there is so much music we miss because we have so much already written for us. This is an opportunity that I personally have loved developing.

Your score is sent to you on booking your place and there are 15 places per class so we keep the lesson small, detailed and personal.

Do look at all the parts if you can, so you get under the skin of the music.

Venue: Zoom

Fee: £25 per class

22 October, 3 December 2022 | 6:00 PM–8:15 PM GMT

All About My Bow – Cellist Catherine Black

All About My Bow

Our bow is our voice. We want it to breathe, speak, dance, sing and emote. This is an infinite subject but we do need to start somewhere! I feel we learn best with clear explanation, demonstration, focus and experimentation.

We will explore in varied ways, how our bow use can become increasingly natural to us – to become truly, an extension of your arm and hand. In going slowly and in detail, you will more truly find your own voice and feel able to express yourself more fully and authentically as a cellist & musician.

This series will build your understanding in stages. Some classes may be repeated too.

The instrument we play is large and physical and we need to know how to use energy well and understand movement because sound follows the movement.

I will send you materials for the class ahead of the day and then afterwards I will send documents that help you consolidate and develop our work. The groups will be small enough that we will be able to work individually too to check things are understood.

Venue: Zoom (waiting room opens at 5.45 PM for tuning)

Fee: £30 per class

Click here to register and get more information.


Trad Cello – Tunes and Techniques with Natalie Haas

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 23 April

Let Natalie Haas teach you some tricks of the trade as well as some great melodies!

Natalie is one of the most sought after cellists playing traditional music today. She and Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser have toured as a duo for twenty years, wowing audiences at festivals and concerts worldwide with their unique sound.

In this series she will teach some bowing techniques when accompanying melody players before moving on to chords and arranging, finishing with some melodies that sit well on the cello.

Although this series is aimed at the cellist, many of the skills and techniques will sit as comfortably on any string instrument.

Click here to learn about membership options.

Win a Year of Free Lessons!

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 5 March

Enter a drawing for a year of free lessons via video exchange with cellist Mike Block. Click here to enter.

Previous Events Still Available

Recording Available Following 14 July

WRTI Presents ASTRAL: Cellist Thomas Mesa


Online Cello Events – 15 July

Growing up in Miami, Florida, Thomas Mesa dreamed of playing the drums, then unexpectedly fell in love with the (nearly human) sound of the cello. As part of our video series, WRTI Presents Astral, this Cuban-American Astral artist recently visited the WRTI Performance Studio and played three works that use the cello’s unique voice to respond to the pandemic and social turmoil.

You can hear in the music the range of emotions arising from the isolation of the lockdown: the frustration, loneliness, and yet, a sense of hope. “I wanted to have composers have an outlet to express what they were going through,” says Thomas, who commissioned each of these works during the first months of the pandemic.

Watch the event here.

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