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Online Cello Events – 24 March


Signed Shostakovich and Rachmaninoff CD (Plus a Cello Museum T-Shirt)

Carmine Miranda album giveaway

Professor Miranda has generously donated an autographed copy of his new album for a giveaway. Enter for a chance to win this signed CD and a Cello Museum T-shirt. We will do the drawing on 2 April.

Complete the form at the end of the interview to enter today.

Bow Primer Course from Catherine Black

Catherine Black All About My Bow A Primer


Catherine Black is giving away one free place on her new Bow Primer course at the online session on 15 April as part of her All About My Bow series. We will do the prize drawing on 8 April.

More about this new course:

The Bow Primer course classes go deeply into technique and is aimed mainly at players who are newer to the cello. Having said this, we all have holes in our knowledge, so you may want to join this too. As well as technical depth, I will follow up with music for you to put our work into practice, so you have time to cook the ideas and see it all make sense.

Bow Primer: April 15th, June 24th, October 7th, December 9th 2023

Sign up to enter the giveaway here.

Ovidiu Marinescu London Cello Connection CD (Plus a Cello Museum T-Shirt)

Ovidiu Marinescu Album Giveaway

Professor Marinescu has generously donated a copy of his new album for a giveaway. Enter for a chance to win this CD and a Cello Museum T-shirt. We will do the drawing on 9 April.

Complete the form at the end of the interview to enter today.

Online Concerts

26 March 2 PM EDT

Duos and Trios for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano—Virtual Event

Online Cello Events – 17 March

Schumann: Three Fantasy Pieces for clarinet and piano, Op. 73—Gary Gorczyca, clarinet and Sergey Schepkin, piano

Brahms: Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano in A minor, Op. 114—Gary Gorczyca, clarinet, Thomas Barth, cello, and Sergey Schepkin, piano

Trapani: Quodlibet with Variations for cello and piano—Thomas Barth, cello and Sergey Schepkin, piano

Beethoven: Trio for clarinet, cello, and piano in B-flat, Op. 11—Gary Gorczyca, clarinet, Thomas Barth, cello, and Sergey Schepkin, piano

This is a video recording of our 3/17 live concert.

Tickets for this event are $15.

26 March 5 PM EDT

Love aLIVE: Drew Comstock, 26 March

Online Cello Events – 17 March

Everyone is welcome, kids included. We’ll have a break-out room for them to share in their own guided activities.

More about Drew:

Cellist Drew Comstock has been praised for his “deep and sonorous” playing (South Florida Classical Review). He served as co-principal of the New World Symphony for three seasons under Michael Tilson-Thomas and other esteemed guests – leading performances at the Arscht Center, the New World Center, and Carnegie Hall. He was a member of the critically acclaimed Discovery Ensemble (Boston), and regularly joins the cello sections of the Toronto Symphony, Canadian Opera Company, and the North Carolina Symphony. In 2022, Comstock was selected as one of 15 Classical:NEXT fellows from around the globe.

A believer in the transformative power of chamber musician, Comstock has partnered with Looking at the Stars, an organization committed to providing classical music performances to prisoners in Canada. Comstock was 1st prize winner in the Glenn Gould School’s Chamber Music competition, and has also shared the stage with Anthony Marwood, Jonathan Crow, David Geringas, Steven Dann, and Mark Fewer.

Reserve your spot at this free event here.

Online Programs and Events

25 March, 22 April, 3 June, 23 September, 11 November | 6:00 PM–8:15 PM GMT

All About My Bow – Cellist Catherine Black

All About My Bow

Our bow is our voice. We want it to breathe, speak, dance, sing and emote. This is an infinite subject but we do need to start somewhere! I feel we learn best with clear explanation, demonstration, focus and experimentation.

We will explore in varied ways, how our bow use can become increasingly natural to us – to become truly, an extension of your arm and hand. In going slowly and in detail, you will more truly find your own voice and feel able to express yourself more fully and authentically as a cellist & musician.

This series will build your understanding in stages. Some classes may be repeated too.

The instrument we play is large and physical and we need to know how to use energy well and understand movement because sound follows the movement.

I will send you materials for the class ahead of the day and then afterwards I will send documents that help you consolidate and develop our work. The groups will be small enough that we will be able to work individually too to check things are understood.

Venue: Zoom (waiting room opens at 5.45 PM for tuning)

Fee: £30 per class

Click here to register and get more information.

26 March 1:30 PM ET

CelloChat with Joshua Roman: Effectively Managing Your Practice

Online Cello Events – 24 March

Join us for a livestreamed conversation about all things cello!
Joshua Roman has earned an international reputation for his wide-ranging repertoire, a commitment to communicating the essence of music in visionary ways, artistic leadership and versatility. As well as being a celebrated performer, he is recognized as an accomplished composer and curator, and was named a TED Senior Fellow in 2015.
Watch this free CelloChat on YouTube.

2, 9, 23, 30 April 10 AM EDT

The Amit Peled First Hour Online Course

Online Cello Events – 20 January

Join Professor Peled for four 60-minute sessions via Zoom. This is a group class where you learn the principles and techniques found in his book, “The First Hour — A Cellist’s Daily Technical Regimen.” Play along with Professor Peled as he demonstrates live the exercises that will help take your playing to the next level. Each session is recorded in high quality and your registration fee gives you access to each session video throughout the duration of the course.

Dates: April 2, 9, 23, and 30, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM. ET (each session is recorded)
Fee: $500 USD ($400 USD for previous participants in the Amit Peled First Hour Online Courses or Online Cello Academy)
To Register: Send an email to
You will need to purchase a copy of “The First Hour” book by placing your online order here. Please order by 1 March, to allow enough time for shipping.

For more information, visit the class website.

6 April 6.00 PM 6:30 EDT

Authentic Irish Cello with Daniel Plane: Workshop for All Cellists

Online Cello Events – 24 March

CelloYoga Masterclass Series is excited to present cellist Daniel Plane in an interactive workshop for cellists of all levels who would like to learn more about playing in a traditional Celtic style.
Daniel will walk us through traditional bowings and embellishments to make your music sound authentically Irish!
Find registration details here:
Tickets will sell out fast so be sure to book in advance.

9 April 6.00 PM 1 AM EDT

A masterclass with Steven Isserlis

Online Cello Events – 17 March

Composed some three centuries ago, yet hardly known until the last 100 years, Bach’s Cello Suites have captured the imaginations of music-lovers across the globe. They bear few indications of how they should be played, instead leaving the interpretation to the performer. It is impossible to know the full history of the suites, and this uncertainty has left them shrouded in an air of mystery.

In this fascinating masterclass, Steven Isserlis, the internationally renowned and award-winning cellist, invites you to explore the suites. As well as hearing excerpts, you will begin to discover the story of the suites – why they languished in obscurity for so many years, and whether there might be an underlying narrative to the music.

This is a unique opportunity to get closer to a great glory of classical music, develop a deeper appreciation for the suites, and learn from one of the world’s finest cellists.

Tickets are $50.

13 May, 16 September, and 2 December 2023 (Saturdays) | 6.00 PM – 8.15 PM GMT

Online Timeline Series – Cellist Catherine Black

Unsung Heroes Online timeline series

We all want to be as rounded a musician as possible and that’s a pretty big ask. We all have our preferences, and the groups & orchestras we play in, take us down certain paths which enrich and educate us, but sometimes we find a hole in our knowledge!

The Online Time Line Series has really found a place in your lives. Join us to learn more about a remarkable piece of music, its composer, an era, its style that may otherwise have passed you by. Musical architecture, polyphony, phrasing, the place of music in society are all a part of this quest for a better understanding and roundedness.

We will play, discuss & explore from your – the player’s point of view – a particular piece of music from the wide library of Unsung Heroes Cello Ensemble scores. These now range from Josquin and John Taverner (1490–1545), through to Tchaikovsky & Elgar and far into the twentieth century.

Though there are some restrictions online, we can all play using the mute button, though not as a group. This is an exciting opportunity for players to have the chance to play as many parts as they wish as we play together.

You may want to bring a notebook too and I do send out further notes to help you continue the development after the class. I see this as a massive opportunity for us to do detailed work that really moves you on, because we have these apparent restrictions.

Just a thought: you may think a particular composer, (say Josquin for instance) isn’t for you. Don’t rule things out too easily as all these people, whose music I want to share with you, have so much light to shine for us. As cellists, there is so much music we miss because we have so much already written for us. This is an opportunity that I personally have loved developing.

Your score is sent to you on booking your place and there are 15 places per class so we keep the lesson small, detailed and personal.

Do look at all the parts if you can, so you get under the skin of the music.

Venue: Zoom (waiting room opens at 5.45 PM for tuning)

Fee: £25 per class

26 May – 4 June

Online solo strings intensive (OSSI)

Online Cello Events – 24 March

Visit the OSSI website for full details on this Online Solo Strings Intensive.

31 July – 6 August

WFCF Cello Academy 2023 – Online Summer Cello Master Classes

Online Cello Events – 23 December

Individual Online Cello Lessons will take place daily from Monday 31st July till Sunday 6th August 2023 @ cca 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (cca 55 minutes slots), online via Zoom or Skype.

For more details follow #WFCF22 @WalhamForestCelloFest, book your course and visit

27-31 December

San Diego Suzuki Institute Online Suzuki Teacher Workshop

Cello Unit 3  $450.00
December 27 – December 31

Taught by Alice Ann O’Neill

This course is 15 hours with 8 hours of observation time.

Tues Dec 27 1-5:30pm Eastern Time
Wed Dec 28 1-5:30pm Eastern Time
Thurs Dec 29 1-5:30pm Eastern Time
Fri Dec 30 1-5:30pm Eastern Time
Sat Dec 31 12-3:30pm Eastern Time + individual meetings

  • Cello Unit 2

Register here.


The Cello Guild – Cello Courses

The Cello Guild

New classes – plus a chance to earn a free Cello Guild sticker! We recently launched our new Cello Guild site.

Please register before purchasing.

  • An Introduction to the Celtic Cello – by Clíodhna Ní Aodáin
  • Making a Goritzki Bow Foam – by Nancy Green
  • Cello Geography: Mapping the Fingerboard – by Jonathan Simmons
  • Fret Not, Dear Cellist – Venturing Beyond First: 2nd and 4th Positions – by Erica Lessie
  • Fret Not, Dear Cellist – Moving on Up: 5th and 6th Positions – by Erica Lessie

Go to the Cello Guild.

Cello Discovery – Yes, You CAN Learn to Play the Cello Online

Carolyn Hagler - Cello Discovery

Created by cellist and pedagogue Carolyn Hagler, this program is excellent for beginning and intermediate students wanting to learn online. Innovative and regularly updated, this program impressed Cello Museum team members.

Sign up for Cello Discovery here.

Trad Cello – Tunes and Techniques with Natalie Haas

Online Cello Events – 16 December

Let Natalie Haas teach you some tricks of the trade as well as some great melodies!

Natalie is one of the most sought after cellists playing traditional music today. She and Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser have toured as a duo for twenty years, wowing audiences at festivals and concerts worldwide with their unique sound.

In this series she will teach some bowing techniques when accompanying melody players before moving on to chords and arranging, finishing with some melodies that sit well on the cello.

Although this series is aimed at the cellist, many of the skills and techniques will sit as comfortably on any string instrument.

Click here to learn about membership options.

Win a Year of Free Lessons!

Online Cello Events – 16 December

Enter a drawing for a year of free lessons via video exchange with cellist Mike Block. Click here to enter.

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