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Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 3 September

Online Performances

Below are upcoming online events. Be sure to click on the source link for exact details of times, time zones, and ticket prices.

 6 September 4 PM CDT

‘Re-Trace’ with cellist Patrick Moore

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 3 September

On Sept. 6, eight artists from different backgrounds, disciplines and geographical locations will unite to present the third installment of the nonprofit organization’s Artists Open House series, which began as an online venture in response to the coronavirus shutdown. Unlike the first two programs, however, “Re-Trace” will offer a hybrid experience with a limited number of in-person reservations in addition to a virtual viewing option through Zoom with the help of William LaRotta of Bella Videography.

Much like the first open-house concert, “Re-Trace” draws inspiration (plus its title) from a poem by Jacqui Sutton, who will tune in from California to share a live reading of her work. The recitation will then lead into cellist Patrick Moore of the Axiom Quartet playing the solo version of Handel and Halvorsen’s “Passacaglia.” If this sounds familiar to those who viewed the inaugural program in the spring of 2020, it’s because the virtuosic piece, performed by the same musician for a trio of dancers, brought the evening to a close.

‘Re-Trace’When: 4 p.m. Sept. 6

Where: Art of the World Gallery, 2201 Westheimer, or Zoom link delivered upon registration

Details: free, though donations are accepted and will directly support the artists;,

7 September 6:30 PM PDT

Diane Chaplin, cellist – First Tuesday Concert: Jewish Soul for the New Year

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 3 September

Free concert!

A celebration of Jewish Music on Rosh Hashanah

  • Sephardic Prayer by Serban Nichifor (2016)
  • Arioso by a “lost composer” of the holocaust, James Simon (1929)

and music by Israeli composers:

  • Doina by Racheli Galay (2010)
  • Yizkor by Ayala Asherov (2009)
  • 2 Pieces by Paul Ben-Haim (1977)

Livestreams will air on the Portland Cello Project facebook pagePCP youtube channel.
You will also find them on facebook at “Diane Chaplin, Cellist” (@dianechaplincello) & Diane’s youtube channel.

9 September 7:30 PM CDT

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Faculty Recital with Karen Becker, cello

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 3 September

Diane Barger, professor of clarinet, will present a faculty recital titled, “Nattmara,” at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 9 in Kimball Recital Hall.

The concert is free and open to the public. The performance will also be webcast live.

Barger will be joined by Mark Clinton, piano; Karen Becker, cello; Hye-Won Hwang, dancer/choreographer; and sloDance, featuring Susan Ourada, artistic director, with Katie Heckman, Hwang, Beth Danielle Jensen, Melissa Templeton and Kathryn Voigt. SloDance is a group of professional dancers that Ourada assembles to work on various dance projects.

The program includes Arnold’s Sonatina, Op. 29; Mangani’s “The Dancing Doll,” with Hwang as dancer/choreographer; Tailleferre’s “Arabesque;” Mangani’s “Romanza;” Ardovino’s “Nattmara for clarinet and CD,” with sloDance; and Brahms’ Trio in A Minor, Op. 114.

13-19 September

Concours de Genève International Music Competition – Cello

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 3 September


37 cellists aged 15 to 30 years old from 19 nationalities have been selected to participate in the 75th Geneva International Music Competition, section Cello. Due to the ongoing global pandemic, the first part of the 2021 Competition is held online. Selected candidates had until August 15th to submit their video recordings of the Online Recital, which will be streamed virtually from 13-19 September 2021 on, YouTubeFacebook and The Violin Channel. Results will be announced on Sunday 19 September, 1:00 PM (GMT+2).

See the full list of recitals and times here.

Online Programs and Events

5 September

The Celtic Cello Masterclass with Irish Cellist Clíodhna Ní Aodáin

The Celtic Cello Masterclass

This is your opportunity to join me live! In this Zoom Masterclass, I will teach you two Celtic tunes based on the pentatonic scales of C & D. You will receive the free sheet music when you register. Based on these scales I will show you how to create your own Celtic tunes. You can listen, play along and ask questions about The Celtic Cello.

  • 60 min interactive Masterclass

  • Sheet music for two beautiful Celtic tunes

  • Sheet music for the pentatonic scales of C & D

  • Registration is free

  • Q & A with Clíodhna Ní Aodáin

  • Sunday 5th September, 1 PM (NewYork), 6 PM (Dublin), 7 PM (Bern)

6 September – 25 October

Comprehensive Orchestral Audition Preparation

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 20 August

Designed to dramatically advance the skills you need to play your best under pressure in the unpredictable world of orchestral auditions. COAP is the only audition preparation intensive that combines continuous one-on-one feedback at the highest level with an energizing studio dynamic in one course.

Auditions require technical competency, instrumental athleticism, ability to sound beautiful and effortless under intense pressure, laser focus, calm mind, and preparation for unexpected hurdles. Costs of airfare, hotels, meals, lessons, cancelled work, and other lost performance opportunities mean you want to maximize your potential for success when committing to an audition.

COAP will give you the experiential training needed to succeed at your audition while working with your existing schedule.

Our unique program offers the highest level of one-on-one personal feedback from musicians who have successfully navigated the audition process in front of and behind the screen. We fully utilize a highly energized studio-like environment providing feedback through numerous peer trials that will illustrate your current and potential capabilities. Demonstrating how implementing and consolidating the feedback you receive from COAP teachers and peers will prepare you for the rigorous audition process.

Visit the COAP website for registration information.

19-23 January (29 November application deadline)

International Instrument-making Competition (Cello)

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 25 June

Image provided by

Musée de la musique/Philharmonie de Paris and Talents & Violon’celles

From 19 to 23 January 2022 at the Philharmonie de Paris

In January 2022, in partnership with the association Talents & Violon’celles, the Musée de la musique/ Philharmonie de Paris is organising an international instrument-making competition exclusively dedicated to the cello. Programmed at the same time as the 10th String Quartet Biennial, this event follows in the tradition of the many international instrument-making competitions that Paris has hosted.

Promoting contemporary excellence and developing future talents

Open to professionals as well as to students of instrument-making schools, the Talent Makers Instrument-making Competition is composed of two different parts organised in parallel:

Jury and Prizes

A jury composed of eminent musicians and personalities from the world of instrument-making will judge the craftsmanship of the participants as expressed by the instruments themselves and how they sound. Six prizes will be awarded to professionals, and three prizes will be awarded to students with one instrument joining the collection of facsimiles at the Musée de la musique. The finals and semi-finals will be organised as a real rendezvous with the public of the 10th String Quartet Biennial.

Opening date for submissions: now opened
Closing date for submissions: Monday 29 november 2021

Competition rules and Submission of applications avalable soon

For more information, click here.


11 September 9:30-10:45 AM EDT

The Cello Camerata

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 26 February

The Cello Camerata is an online, international weekly masterclass, organized in four-week sessions, for students of advanced repertoire. Our core team of three established teachers (Wendy Warner, Jonathan Kramer, and Lisa Liske), with two monthly additional expert guest teachers from around the world, presents a learning community online for the collegial exchange of insights and inspiration about the art of cello playing and musicianship…The Camerata masterclasses feature concerto-level players from pre-teen through graduate school. Students of all ages (including adult amateurs)…are invited to audit the masterclasses….Please visit The Cello Camerata website for more information.

September’s guest artist is Dr. Christopher Hutton. Teachers may observe for free. All others may audit for one week for free before registering for a four-week session. Visit The Cello Camerata website for registration and tuition information. Scholarships are available.

11 & 25 September 11 AM – 12 PM EDT

The Junior Cello Camerata

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 26 February

The Junior Cello Camerata offers intermediate cellists of all ages (including adult amateurs) masterclass lessons, or the opportunity to observe rather than perform solos, as well as a twenty-minute weekly technique class for all with cellos in hand. It is an online, international weekly gather taught by Wendy Warner, Jonathan Kramer, and Lisa Liske.

Teachers may observe for free. All others may audit for one week for free before registering for a four-week session. Visit The Cello Camerata website for registration and tuition information. Scholarships are available.

Face-to-face and videoconference classes: Approach to Latin American popular music with the cello

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 16 July

Harmony, Cipher, Chords, Arpeggios, Scales and Fingering Patterns
Rhythmic Harmonic Base
Improvisation, Arrangements

(+54 9 11) 5150-3805

Cello Yoga with Mea the Creative Cellist

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 2 July

How to Play Cello with more Focus, Flexibility and Freedom 

with less tension

“without increasing your practice time”

✅  How to achieve laser focus so that you can practice for longer with less tension and pain no matter what your level of cello expertise

✅  How to increase endurance and flexibility with research based methods even if you have physical limitations, injuries or find it hard to concentrate
✅ How to design  creative practice sessions so that you can have more fun and time for the rest of your life

Click here for more information.

Journaling With Cello For Grounding & Positivity

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 2 July

The Wong Janice

Welcome to this 8-day course on Insight Timer, which focuses on journaling with cello for grounding and positivity. Over the course of seven days, The Wong Janice will take you through seven different themes, each with its own unique writing prompts and with the beautiful sounds of deep cello music, designed to inspire you to write freely with full awareness from your heart while harnessing the power of journaling for healing.

The themes covered are:

By the end of the course, you will have covered seven journaling exercises, and with daily practice, learn to express yourself better and understand who you are at a higher level, bringing more stability in your life, and feeling more grounded and calm from within.

For more information on this and other courses by The Wong Janice, click here.

Trad Cello – Tunes and Techniques with Natalie Haas

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 23 April

Natalie Haas

Let Natalie Haas teach you some tricks of the trade as well as some great melodies!

Natalie is one of the most sought after cellists playing traditional music today. She and Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser have toured as a duo for twenty years, wowing audiences at festivals and concerts worldwide with their unique sound.

In this series she will teach some bowing techniques when accompanying melody players before moving on to chords and arranging, finishing with some melodies that sit well on the cello.

Although this series is aimed at the cellist, many of the skills and techniques will sit as comfortably on any string instrument.

Click here to learn about membership options.

Win a Year of Free Lessons!

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 5 March


Enter a drawing for a year of free lessons via video exchange with cellist Mike Block. Click here to enter.

Previous Concerts Still Available

Available through 31 October 2021

DWB (Driving While Black)

Online Concert and Event Listings of the Week – 7 May

Driving While Black

Dwb is the premiere filmed version of the opera by the same name Susan Kander and Roberta Gumbel. Presented by UrbanArias, now celebrating its 10th anniversary. UrbanArias is an opera company dedicated to producing short – 90 minutes or less – contemporary operas.

A solo chamber opera, dwb derives much of its power from the voice of soprano Karen Slack, starring as the various mothers. Slack, who has sung with the Metropolitan Opera and Washington National Opera, among other prestigious opera houses, moves easily from lyric to dramatic sounds and offers theatrical skills to boot.

A two-musician ensemble – composed of cellist Rosanna Butterfield and percussionist Eric Plewinski – is conducted by Robert Wood. Known as an innovator in opera, Wood founded UrbanArias in 2009.

Du’Bois A’keen directed and choreographed the film; Camry A’Keen was the creative director. Both have drawn on their extensive operatic, choreographic, and film backgrounds to bring elements of modern dance and music video production.

Tickets are $15 and allow unlimited viewing through October 31.

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