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Say Cello to the Holidays! Cello Holiday Gift Ideas 2022

Gift ideas for people who love the cello. Whatever holidays you celebrate, here are suggestions to help you shop.

Holiday Gift Guide 2022

For Everyone Who Loves the Cello

It’s hard to believe the holidays are upon us. This year we’ve got recommendations from some of our Cello Museum team members and suggestions from our Cello Museum family. Please also see our previous holiday posts for more ideas – links below.

I asked our team members and newsletter subscribers for holiday gift advice, and they gave me an enormous list. Here are the highlights and many that appeared on more than one list.

Gifts Ideas for Cello Lovers from James, Cello Lover

James Vincent de Cadiz

James Vincent de Cadiz, our dedicated and hardworking Cello Museum assistant, loves the cello. When he came to us, he cited the theme from Game of Thrones as one of his favorites. Here are his suggestions:

1. Miniature Cellos

James gave us several options for those who love the cello and would like to have one on display at home or work.

Cello Pen Holder

I was given something similar in elementary or middle school – and I still have and love mine! Want to see real metal cellos? Be sure to check out our current exhibition, Innovations in Cello-Making Materials.

Wooden Cello

Want something a bit more traditional along the lines of miniature cellos? Here’s one:

Cello Puzzle

This is a great gift idea for those who love 3D puzzles and the cello.

2. Cello Socks

To quote the great wizard, Dumbledore, “One can never have enough socks.” Plus, they make very practical stocking stuffers.

Cello socks

Cello Museum socks – choose black or green.

3. Cello Lamp

I hadn’t seen one before, but it would make a great nightlight in a kid’s room or a novelty piece in a music room.

4. Cello Wall Art

Wall art can brighten up your space. Here is one colorful example that James found. We also have wall art in our museum gift shop.

Cellobrate with Renate, Cello Mom

Renate Kwon, Content Editor and Advertising Manager
Renate Kwon, our fabulous content editor and advertising manager, is also a musician and a cello mom. Here are some of her recommendations of very practical items for cellists.

1. Music Stand Light

“This is the rechargeable music stand lamp we use. We’ve really liked it, so far, for its combination of adjustable brightness and angle versatility. Plus, it’s rechargeable.”

2. Expandable Music Folder

Still, playing from paper sheet music? Ever need to spread your music out to avoid page turns? Here’s a solution.
“I have not tried this particular version, but for performers who rely on music stands, an expandable folder like this one might be useful. It doesn’t have to expand, so it is suitable for a smaller space, but it can expand for those times when it would be helpful to have a sturdy base for extra sheets. (An A4 version is available for everyone who uses metric-size paper.)”

3. Music Clips

Do you ever have to play outside and need to keep your music from blowing away? As the saying goes, “The show must go on!” So here’s a solution.
“Technically, these acrylic music clips are listed as being for marching band, but since those musicians play outdoors in all kinds of weather, I figure they’d know about keeping sheet music steady in windy conditions.”

Gift Ideas from Erica, Professional Cellist

Erica Lessie

Erica Lessie, a curator, researcher, and writer at the Cello Museum, teaches and plays professionally in the Chicago area. She is very practical when it comes to holiday gifts – but is also very artistic. (She enjoys making jewelry!) Here are gift ideas from Erica.

1. Gift Cards

Not sure what to get for someone? Get them a gift card. Want to give a cello-related gift card? Get a Cello Museum gift card. (We’ll honor these at the Cello Guild, too – have the recipient email us.)

Cello Museum Gift Card

2. Something to Use When Cooking or Sharing a Holiday Meal

Holidays are times for friends and families to gather. Festive pot holders, holiday towels, napkins, and aprons (like this one from the Cello Museum store) make great gifts.

Cello Museum Apron

3. A Washcloth

As Douglas Adams tells us, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy says, “A towel . . .is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have.”

Erica agrees – she thinks washcloths are “massively useful” for cellists. She told me she always uses a soft one to clean her cello because one side has a design, and the other doesn’t – so you can use one side for the messy business of cleaning the rosin off your cello and the other, cleaner side, for generally wiping down your instrument.

Along these lines, one of our wonderful Cello Museum family members suggested a gorgeous micro-fiber polishing cloth from Linda West Cellos. (You might get other ideas while you’re there, too.) 

4. Jewelry

Erica makes her own jewelry and has promised to make us some cello-related pieces for holidays in the future. In the meantime, you can check Etsy for some beautiful cello-themed jewelry. We also have a couple of necklaces in our online museum shop.

Cello Heart Necklace

Cello Cellobration Ideas from the Curator

Brenda Neece with modern cello

1. Homemade Gifts

Aside from cellos, cello cases, and cello strings (or money to afford these necessities), my favorite gifts to give and receive are homemade, whether a heartfelt card or baked goods, recordings, or artwork – these are always very meaningful.

2. Things to Improve or Facilitate One’s Cello Playing

Cello and Tabby Cat Notebook

One might argue the only thing that helps improve cello playing is practice. However, I’d say that having a comfortable cello chair, enough light to see the music (see Renate’s suggestion above), gadgets (such as a metronome, tuner – and perhaps an iPad with a foot pedal to turn pages!), a practice notebook, good pencils, and a good music stand are also essential.

Another great gift is a course or workshop. Our Cello Guild is opening in time for the holidays, and a course for a cello student in your life – or yourself – would be a gift that goes beyond any gadget. I’m excited to announce several of our new courses and fabulous instructors. We have courses launching soon on left-hand technique, bowing, and learning to play Celtic music!

Other online workshops I absolutely love are wellness and fitness-related. For example, I am a big fan of Shifu Yan Xin and all of the courses at I’m looking forward to their upcoming Shaolin Qi Gong & Meditation Weekend over Thanksgiving. The breathing, stretching, and strengthening classes help me with cello playing – and life in general. Unfortunately, we’re not affiliates, but I wish we were because I recommend them so often. For wellness, guided meditation can be enhanced by cellos – revisit our interview with The Wong Janice and watch for courses from her coming on the Cello Guild.

3. Festive Decor or Attire

Although I am a bit of a minimalist when it comes to decorations, I love candles, and I love to give them as gifts. I’m so happy that we have holiday candles in our online museum shop this year.

Cellobrate the Holidays Candle

While not absolutely necessary, having something to wear that gets you into the holiday spirit can change your state. One of my favorite cello designs of 2022 is a combination of the sign for “love” in American Sign Language and the word “cello.” This was created by Paola Beals, a deaf cellist. You can get one here.

Cello Love T-shirt by Paola Beals

Cello Love T-shirt by Paola Beals, a deaf cellist.

James and I worked to create two “ugly sweater” cello designs for sweatshirts and T-shirts this year. We used the design on tote bags, puzzles, and cards, too. I love the doves and all the ornaments on the yellow one, and I love the front and back of the cello on this one:

Cellobrate the Holidays Ugly Sweater Sweatshirt

This is the front of one of our “Cellobrate the Holidays” “ugly sweater” sweatshirts.

Back of Cellobrate the Holidays" ugly sweater sweatshirt

This is the back of one of our “Cellobrate the Holidays” “ugly sweater” sweatshirts.

4. New Recordings

This year we’ve had so many excellent new recordings, it isn’t easy to choose. Check out the interviews and recordings from this year for some ideas:

Two others that come to mind are Sheku Kanneh-Mason’s Song and Yo-Yo Ma, Leonidas Kavakos, and Emanuel Ax’s latest Beethoven for Three.

Holiday Cello Gift Ideas from Jonathan, Cellist, and Educator

Jonathan Simmons, Cello Museum InternOur fabulous intern, Jonathan Simmons, sent great gift ideas!

1. The Lost Cellos of Lev Aronson by Frances Brent

Jonathan tells us:

“Written from a non-musician’s perspective, this book is a fascinating read for cellists and cello lovers alike. I could hardly put the book down while I was reading it!”

2. A Cello Museum Hoodie!

Jonathan says:

“It’s cold outside, so I love wearing my hoodie to stay warm and share cello at the same time!”

Cello Museum Hoodie

3. Cello Dampit

Jonathan’s third suggestion is extremely practical. I use two in some of my instruments – one in each f-hole – when it gets very dry in the house. Jonathan writes:
“Protecting your instrument from low humidity is important during this time of year. Make sure not to oversaturate, and use this only when the weather is cold and dry.”

4. A Cello Tree Ornament

These can be put up on a tree, garland, wreath, or Hanukkah bush. Jonathan notes:

“I have several on my Christmas tree each year. Keep out of reach of small children, as the parts can separate and become choking hazards.”

If you’d like to support the Cello Museum, this is the first year we offer ornaments in our online store. We’ve got several shapes with the word “cello” repeated on one side and the Cello Museum logo on the back. Don’t have a tree but feel festive? These have magnets so you can hang them on your fridge, too!
holiday ornament

Strong Recommendations from Gill, Cellist, Teacher, Arranger, Author, and Researcher

Gill Tennant

Gill Tennant, our fantastic researcher and cello birthdays expert has sent some great recommendations. Her first choice was on my list, too, but since she sent it to me twice, and both times in bold and large font, I include it in her section even though I’m thrilled to review the book next month, having interviewed the author, Miranda Wilson, for the Cello Museum earlier this week.

1. Miranda Wilson’s The Well-Tempered Cello: Life With Bach’s Cello Suites

This is also available from Fairhaven Press.

2. Clip to Hold Music on a Stand

Music Clip from Gill

Music clip made of wood with metal spring and gold paint. Photo: Gill Tennant.

Music Clip from Gill

Side view of music clip made of wood with metal spring and gold paint. Photo: Gill Tennant.


Great minds think alike because Gill and Renate both suggested clips. I’ve included both, as they are so different. Gill tells us that this was:

“given to me by a pupil, and used frequently both in concerts and outdoor venues. I’ve never found these anywhere else, just the one I was given! You can see it has a really strong clip to hold music on firmly without damaging the sheet music.”

Perhaps you could make your own!

3. Accessory Shelf for Music Stands

This attaches to the bottom of a music stand like this:

Accessory shelf for music stand


4. Too Hot To Handel Double-Ended Oven Mitt

Too Hot to Handel Oven Mitt

Again, great minds think alike because pot holders and other kitchen items were on Erica’s list, too. This is a funny one. I’ve seen several versions over the years and used to have one that was given to me by Patricia Baines, then the widow of Tony Baines.

Cello Museum Family Members Recommend

The Cello Museum Logo

1. Gifts that Support a Charity

In this category, you could participate in the Carol of the Bells Cello Project, performing and raising money for charity. Another idea from one of our Cello Museum family members was to support a group like Voices of Music. They sell mugs and phone cases on their YouTube channel.

2. Support a Small Business

We love this idea! Visit your local art galleries and craft fairs and buy from local artists. For example, I found a lovely cello mug in a local gallery in my town a few years ago.

One of our Cello Museum family members suggested supporting Linda West Cellos, “an all-cellos all-the-time cello shop” physically located in Santa Barbara, CA, USA.

Please consider supporting the Cello Museum as well – we are a small business run by volunteers. Every purchase you make from our online museum shop and the Cello Guild helps support our work.

3. Support Independent Artists

Several people wrote to suggest working with independent artists by searching for “cello” on sites such as Etsy, Redbubble, and Teepublic. These are great suggestions! Also, please keep the Cello Museum in mind. Our design work is nearly all done in-house. (Good thing I earned that art degree in addition to the cello degrees!)

We offer mugs, tote bags, hats, posters, cards, blankets, stickers, and more cello-themed gifts.

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Revisit Our Past Gift Ideas Lists

Enjoy your holiday shopping!

Your Turn

What is your favorite cello-related holiday gift you’ve ever received or given? Please tell us in the comments.

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