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Say it with Cellos! 5 Great Holiday Gift Ideas from Cellists

Say it with…cellos? Behind every cellist, there is at least one person who paid for and/or transported them to their lessons, made sure that practice happened, and gave support and encouragement whenever needed. No matter the stage of your cello journey at the moment, here are five gift ideas that you, as a cellist, can give others this holiday season or at any special moment.

1. A Card

International Cello Day Card 2021

A handwritten card. The Cello Museum gift shop has you covered if you’d like some pre-printed holiday cards with cello-themed designs. You can also be creative and make your own (bonus points for including a picture of you with your cello). Take some time this season to give the gift of appreciation to your original fan(s) who have supported every note.

2. Create an Album – of You

Recording of your music. Whether you play one song well or several, make a recording of your favorite(s) to share with your loved ones. Not only will you show your appreciation for their support with this musical gift, but you will also start to see your own progress over time by making this an annual tradition. You can burn your own CD (or keep it simple with a digital version), create cover art, and dedicate individual messages to each special recipient.

My Album 2021

For younger cellists, parents can help create this album. Record pieces that he/she/they learned this past year. Have him/her/them create the album art, write a short biography, and program notes. Keep in mind that these can be as simple or detailed as suits the student. Once complete, create a CD or digital album to share with family members as a unique holiday gift.

3. A Cello Mom / Cello Dad / Cello Parent Gift

We’ve got many great cello-themed gifts in our online museum shop, including some special gifts for Cello Moms, Dads, and Parents.

Cello Parent Tote Bag

Please be sure to check shipping times for your location. All of our items are printed on demand and subject to supply chain issues most businesses face these days.

Purchases from our online shop help support the Cello Museum.

4. A Books

Books for Adults

There are many options for adult family members, and we encourage you to see our list of gift ideas for adult cello students as well as our book list from this year’s Cello Book Club for more ideas.

Kadiatu Kanneh-Mason – House of Music: Raising the Kanneh-Masons

We couldn’t put this one down. This is a wonderful book about a remarkable family, written by a brilliant and understanding mother. Read what it’s like raising not one, but seven musical prodigies. This is a great gift, especially for music parents. Read our review here.

Maureen and Leora O’Carroll – A Musical Memoir of an Irish Immigrant Childhood

This beautiful memoir is difficult to put down. Please see our review here. Read what it was like to grow up as an Irish immigrant in Sydney during the 1930s and 40s, as experienced by the young cellist, Maureen O’Carroll.

Books for Kids – or to Enjoy Together

The Enchanted Cello Case by Hilary Wang, Illustrated by Julian Wang

This book for 6- to 11-year-old readers will delight adults as well. Read our review here.

Please note that 100% of the profits from the sale of The Enchanted Cello Case are donated to the International Rescue Committee if the book is purchased through this Lulu Press website.

The Enchanted Cello Case book cover

Kittie Lambton – The Cellist’s Notebook

This novella is a charming story about the positive influence of music on a multi-generational family. It centers around ten-year-old Emily Peters and her love of a family cello and mysterious fragment of music. We don’t want to give you any spoilers, but we enjoyed this quick read. It makes a great stocking stuffer for a music-lover who also loves to read. Read our review here.

5. Recordings of a Cellist Who Inspires You

An all-time favorite cellist for many is Yo-Yo Ma. Here is a fantastic collection of many of his albums at a very reasonable price.

We’re so happy this next album was released in time for the holidays. Brother and sister duo, Sheku and Isata Kanneh-Mason are two of our favorite young superstars of the music world, and they are playing some of our favorite cello repertoire on this album: Muse.

We love The Piano Guys, and so do many of our students. This autumn, they released not one, but two new albums!


For fans of Hauser and 2CELLOS, here are a couple of options, Dedicated (2021) and Classic Hauser (2020):

Another great option is Kaitlyn Raitz’s debut solo album, Me, Myself, Myself, and I. Read our interview with Kaitlyn here.

Looking for something fun for everyone to enjoy? Try The Kanneh-Masons: Carnival of the Animals. This album was created by an incredibly talented family of musicians.

It comes in a deluxe version, too.

Enjoy your holiday shopping!

Your Turn

What gift(s) did you choose? How were they received? Please tell us in the comments.

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