Pau Casals

7 Ways the Legacy of Casals Lives on Today

In his birthday month, we remember the iconic Pau Casals (29 December 1876 – 22 October 1973). When did you first encounter the works of the great Casals? I was nine years old when my parents gave me a 3-LP boxed set of his recordings. This was my introduction to

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Amit Peled, The Mr. Miyagi of the Cello

An Inside Look at The First Hour Online Journey with Amit Peled

How – or What – Should I Practice Every Day? A frequently asked question in many online forums is some variation of – what should I practice every day – or how should I organize my practice time? When we saw Amit Peled’s book, The First Hour, and his 7-week course, The

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Yo-Yo Ma CDs, Book, LPs, DVDs

Yo-Yo Ma – Making Connections

This month Yo-Yo Ma turned 65. He has been inspiring people since he was a child and continues his work with the energy level of a man decades younger, but with the great wisdom of the ambassador he has become. Perfection is Not Enough For many of us, attaining his

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Maureen O'Carroll Age 12

From Sidesaddle to the Symphony: Cellist Maureen O’Carroll

Looking for a cellist memoir? Maureen O’Carroll: A Musical Memoir of an Irish Immigrant Childhood by Maureen and Leora O’Carroll gives us a glimpse into the life of a remarkably talented musical Irish immigrant family in Sydney c.1930-50. This beautifully written memoir is a series of short episodes that bring

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