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The Cello Museum FoundersThank you for contributing to our Founders Campaign and for making this dream of an online Cello Museum a reality.

For those who donate $100 or more, you may get your name and location on our Founders Cello. Please fill out the form below to be in touch about the Founders Cello and perks.

Name you used for your donation. This does not have to be the same name you want on the Founders Cello and can be kept private. However, we need this, so that we can match it with your donation. Thank you!
Please make sure this is accurate so that we can contact you to arrange your perks. Thank you!
Please note that we are not allowed to offer perks for donations made via GoFundMe. Why are we collecting this information? This information and your name and email address allow us to record your gift. It will also help us organize Founders perks. We want to make sure that everyone who gives $100 or more and wants to be on the Founders Cello is included. Thank you for helping us with this.
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